Peter Moore describes EA's future line up as "an embarrassment of riches"

Speaking at the Credit Suisse Technology, Media and Telecom Broker Conference, Moore said, "Well it's a little bit of an embarrassment of riches, particularly in FY17 which commences for us on April 1st, [2016] in which we've got some of our core franchises: a new Battlefield coming up, a new Mass Effect title coming up. We actually kick off the year with Mirror's Edge which we have pushed out of FY16 and into FY17 and we also have Mass Effect from our BioWare studio, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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DarkOcelet960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

So i had to google the meaning of this 'embarrassment of riches' 'PR' crap.

It meant they have too many games coming up. And no, they dont. Square Enix have a huge lineup in 2016 and that is what i call embarrassment of riches.

But this, they have a good amount but not a great one. And Of course there is the stupid stuff like 50$ Season Pass that will make me deter from buying most of their upcoming games.

nX960d ago

Even more ridiculous is, they seem to be only working on established franchises, no new IP was mentioned at all. After the horrible Need For Speed and the disappointing Battlefront I feel like EA is going downhill again.

DarkOcelet960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Battlefront and NFS were major disappointments, i hope Bioware and Visceral don't screw their games because are the only two titles that i am interested in right now.

I hope EA dont screw them and put 50$ Season Passes or Microtransactions accompanied with low content.

AngelicIceDiamond959d ago

What makes it bad is the fact they have 2 games I want from them Mass Effect and Mirrors Edge. If they mess up those two important franchises then there's no goin back.

-Foxtrot960d ago

Games which are so embarrassing because they've either ruined, dumbed down, removed content, added MT and over priced season passes which will make them super, duper rich

DarkOcelet960d ago

And that is the sad thing. Their games sells very well even after their MT, overpriced Season Passes, dumbed down, low content etc etc etc.

EA are a plague to the gaming industry.

freshslicepizza959d ago

dragon age was good, so was madden and nhl this year. but overall you are right and i hope they don't ruin mass effect.

Automatic79960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Well from his point of view and from my own as a gamers point of view they might be right. Here are the following games that will arrive from EA next year:

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Mirrors Edge 2
Madden Football
NBA live
Need for Speed
Battlefield 5
Mass Effect Andromeda
A New Starwars from Visceral
New Undisclosed IP
Titanfall 2

Sounds like they have there hands full. Next year will be big for EA.

Personally looking forward to Plants vs Zombies 2, New Starwars and Titanfall 2. Realistically its safe to say certain games will get pushed back.

959d ago
Fkhalf16959d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda and Visceral SW game are the only ones Im interested in

nitus10959d ago

Well EA is publishing the above games and only one word comes to mind "micro-transactions" . I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Another annoyance (at least for me) is on-line only (I usually avoid them), or if the game has a single player mode it is short and rather disappointing although that is subjective.

user9950279960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

"...a new Battlefield coming up..."

That's all I need to hear, mr. Moore. We are now the best of friends and I hope I get invited to your birthday party. BF5 is already the best game ever made. Titanfall 2 is like the ridiculously plump cherry on top.

Oh, and I forgot to add..... SUCK IT HATERS

mrmonk960d ago

Bf5 will be the only 1 I buy out of them games to I'm still enjoying bf4.

frostypants959d ago

Hopefully BF5 lives up to BFBC2, unlike BF3 or BF4.

WellyUK959d ago

Bf3 is actually very good and most people realize this now. Bf4 however isn't. Couldn't care less about another BC game as they weren't that good anyway. BF2142 or a WW2 BF is what we need.

user9950279959d ago

Battlefield 3 had better maps overall, but I do really like BF4 as well. Before that I played Bad Company which was great, but I feel its completely ridiculously overrated by the same people who always desperately cling to narrative-driven games. These are not real Battlefield fans.

What I REALLY want is a true blue remaster of BF1942 for new gen consoles. Not a remake... a remaster =D. I wanna get 128players going in El Amien.

TWB959d ago


Meh, I thought BF4s maps were a little better. Then again, I mostly played Obliteration (which was awesome) and most of the stock maps felt like they were made for Obliteration.

Rush was better in BF3 maps, conquest maps... havent been all that great all around in the recent BF titles. There were a couple good ones in BF4 though.

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uth11960d ago

Does that mean that it's an embarassing lineup that's so full of micro-transactions that it will make them rich?

DarkOcelet960d ago

Yes, that is exactly the best meaning of what he said.


MegaRay960d ago

Yup. They make 2x money from MT and DLC than games itself afterall.

G20WLY960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

This guy makes my skin crawl with his arrogant ways *shudders*

SegaGamer959d ago

He's got a punchable face, a very businessman like face. He probably has absolutely no interest in games themselves, he look's like someone who only cares about the money.

MilkMan960d ago

an embarrassment, yes it is.

TimelessDbz960d ago

Need for speed and Battle front is fun. Can't wait for plants vs zombies garden warfare 2.

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