Halo 5: Guardians’ campaign isn't as Call of Duty-esque as you think | GamesRadar

Halo is approaching “holy text” levels of significance in people’s minds by this point. Bungie’s famous 30-second combat loop doctrine is the unimpeachable, transformative sacrament, those wide-open, blood-spattered sandboxes our promised land, with shiny, shiny Master Chief standing above it all, a faceless gunmetal Messiah. Suggest that any of these elements be changed or, Cortana help you, /be the one changing them/ and watch as conservative zeal rains forth like so much 140-character brimstone.

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Septic1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"a loping, strategic shooter in a world of twitch-shooter, Twitch-friendly insta-death bloodbaths".

Spot on description right there.

Really good read! Got me even more hyped now aaaagh!

christocolus1180d ago

It seems Halo 5 will be well received by critics. The previews have been very good so far.

Septic1180d ago

Yeah they always review well anyway. I expect mid 80's on metacritic. Making an allowance for Quarter to Three's troll reviews of course lol

christocolus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

The troll reviews. Lol. Those guys always pop up once any major AAA game is released. Mid 80's on metacritic is also what I'm expecting but who knows it could be higher than that.

Paytaa1180d ago

I'm honestly expecting like a 92 metacritic.

Brazz1180d ago

i expect under 90 grade, but at least 87.

jb2271180d ago

That sounds reasonable but going off of these new previews I could see this one hitting the 90s...seems like 343 is really working to make this one special, plus second installments from devs always tend to be the best games...or even films for that matter...weird how second albums are typically considered lackluster to the point that the term "sophomore slump" was coined to reference them.

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spicelicka1180d ago

I hope so but halo has a lot of bitter haters, including industry critics unfortunately.

There will always be a those who have no interest or experience with halo but decide to review it anyway just to give a shitty score. Just by probability.

ninsigma1180d ago

Good because that would suck! Still unsure about this squad based game play though but I won't know if it's any good until I actually play it so bring it on 343. You've shown me you rocked the multiplayer with the beta, now show me the sp is just as good! Looking forward to this game :D

Lennoxb631180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

If you take into account that CoD has been copying Halo for a while now, you'll realize that this title is ridiculous.

Everything from jetpack dashing/powersliding, ground pound, tackling, climbing, etc.

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