EA Updates Need For Speed Garage; New Cars Added

EA has updated the garage for the upcoming Need for Speed reboot. Newly added cars include the Dodge SRT Viper & Lamborghini Aventador

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BartMoons1177d ago

FInally my precious Viper arrived. Are these all of the cars available though?

eklektic1177d ago

I'd like to see more muscle cars so far they only have a mustang. What about chevy say a 70 chevelle or maybe a g body Monte Carlo. A dodge chargers always nice and not the new one. If they don't have more I'll be skipping this and i really want a race car game fix but it seems they have gone the way of tuner and super cars witch i like neither. I'd really like forza but i have a ps4 so no luck there.

BartMoons1177d ago

Adding the 1967 Ford Mustang would be amazing really.

Elit3Nick1177d ago

If this is the final car list then my 5 cars (the garage limit is 5 cars) is:

BMW M3 (E30)
Lotus Exige S
Nissan 240Z or Skyline C10
Porsche 911 RSR 2.8
Subaru Impreza STi Hatchback