Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo Confirmed as First-Person Experience

VRFocus reports on the revelation that the recently revealed Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo is a first-person experience in the Dynasty Warriors universe.

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paradigmfellow1160d ago

I feel like this would give me a headache.

Eonjay1160d ago

PlayStation VR will probably be the most loaded VR device with AAA level content.

S2Killinit1160d ago

so much exciting stuff going on.

sangoku_d1160d ago

first thing id do is a huang zhong piledriver on lian shi lmao
RIP xbone RIP oculose

blackblades1160d ago

Ok it looks interesting, took out a lot of enemies making it more skilled I guess. One thing about vr is that there no need for costumes cause you can't see them.

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