Review: Card Hunter (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "The luck of the dice roll can switch one's emotion in an erratic fashion. One minute you might have eliminated a devilish imp, turning you into a smirking, gloating victor, but then suddenly the favour turns away and you are in shambles as your tank bulking dwarf fails an armour roll and receives a smack down from the claws of a dragon. That's some of my experience with Card Hunter, a free-to-play title that initially started out as a flash game for your favourite internet browsers back in 2013. It now has a stand-alone client on Steam - still free-to-play – to celebrate the release of its new expansion, Expedition to the Sky Citadel. The Steam version continues to interact with people playing the browser game, meaning that all those millions of Steam users now have access to join in with existing players to dabble with Card Hunter's blend of collectible card games (CCG) and classic tabletop RPGs."

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