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Callum at GameSpew writes: "I muttered a prayer to the gods to save me from my fiery fate, and closed my eyes as the huge scaled beast lunged forward. Expecting to be met by darkness, I was instead greeted by a strange voice. “Two pizza margheritas with extra cheese?” I ask the gods to save my life and they send me pizza? Truly, they work in mysterious ways. Enter Card Hunter, a charming homage to tabletop gaming.

Card Hunter is a free to play turn-based game inspired by tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, but with an original card game edge. Developed by Blue Manchu, the game is unashamedly self-referential of its tabletop influences, as the player is placed in the meta role of someone learning the ropes of a tabletop RPG. Your objective is to slay the monsters that stand in your way, and the game essentially plays out as a series of D&D combat encounters. However, rather than telling the Dungeon Master how you want to attack or how you want to move as you would in a traditional tabletop RPG, in Card Hunter you do all of these things through playing cards from your hand."

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