Are Scalebound, Quantum Break And Crackdown 3 Setting New Graphical Benchmarks For The Xbox One?

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft had a rather excellent presentation at Gamescom. This was the presser headlined by three top exclusives for the Xbox One including Platinum Games’ Scalebound; Remedy Entertainment’s long-in-development Quantum Break; and of course, Crackdown 3 developed by Reagent and Cloudgine.

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FoxyGotGame1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Is the Pope a Catholic?

...Of course they are. Did anyone really need to ask? only need look at the buggers )


Some people are complaining "Honestly ...more graphics talk, can we just let it go?"

Why you even here then? ...Honestly ...more complaining, couldn't you have just ignored the article?

Genuine-User1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Quantum Break will most definitely set a visual benchmark for games on Xbox One.

As for Crackdown 3, its visuals are decent at best.

FoxyGotGame1210d ago

Yeah Agree on QB for sure , and Scalebound looks awesome. But I guess it depends on an individuals point of view, so I cannot disagree that you see it that way.

For me, Crackdown destruction looks 'Visually' impressive and not only sets a benchmark, but a precedent /

raggy-rocket1210d ago

I think Crackdown Visuals are really good for the style they're going for

In terms of convincing graphics and the everlasting journey to photorealism (9th gen, calling it), as you said, decent at best. That's because of the art style and right now, visually it looks pretty to me. Not realistic pretty, but pretty.

user99502791210d ago

Quantum Break will set a visual benchmark. period.

Crackdown... up for debate. "graphically" in a superficial sense its doesnt look amazing. But when you start considering the systems, physics, and destruction... definitely an insane benchmark there. for any platform.

Genuine-User1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


I'm not feeling Scalebound to be honest, the on stage demo was rough, and left a bad impression in my opinion. I'm waiting to see how it stacks up come E3 next year.

As for the Cloud destruction in Crackdown 3, I agree, it does set a new precedent.


I'm just going by the 15 minute destruction presentation. My final opinion will most probably change once we get to see some campaign footage.

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Army_of_Darkness1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Quantum Break is the only xbone game that I would say will set graphical benchmarks.
Crackdown 3's visuals isn't anything to brag about(the handsome collection looks better) aside from the impressive destructible environments, it does not look that great.
Scale bound looks pretty cool but definitely not on the level of Quantum Break.

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dantesparda1209d ago

I agree QB looks pretty good, but the rest (Crackdown and Scalebound) just look ok. I'm not a fan of Crackdowns cell shaded graphics and I'm not fully sold on its cloud destruction yet, I'll save that for when it comes out.

Bobafret1209d ago

Crackdown was never about great visuals anyway, has always been serviceable, but not great.

AngelicIceDiamond1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Quantum Break yes. Scalebound has a fantasy style to it which I like. Crackdown not really but the core of Crackdown is the gameplay and destruction definitely not graphics.

All three games are achieving way different goals.

inveni01209d ago

I don't think Crackdown sets anything. Few games warrant destruction on that level, which I didn't realize until actually seeing it. It's almost like saying No Man's Sky sets a precedent for terrain deformation.

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ramiuk11210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

quantum break looks amazing and as a ps4 owner "I WANT AND WILL BE GETTING A XB1 WHEN IT HITS".

the fact it looks so good,1080p has blown me away if im honest and only a dickhead would disagree with me no matter what format your loyalty is.

scalebound dont impress me though and crackdown is a tech benchmark for cloud based games,defo not graphically.

quantum,gears,horizon and uncharted are beautiful and im more than happy with that standard for next 4/5 years

slate911210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Well said. I just SLIGHTLY disagree with scalebound, though. There is so much action going on at once on that game. But I do hope they smooth out the fps come launch.

Mr-Dude1210d ago

Quantum break looks great, maybe the game for me to buy a X1.
Crackdown.... Never liked it
Scalebound looks good but the dubstep..... Meh

But thats me

Eiyuuou1209d ago

I'm a PS4 player, and I can't see the difference between 920p and 1080p, nor do I care. The games look amazing, regardless of their resolution!

ramiuk11209d ago

@slate i think its the headphones,annoying voice and dubstep crap that just doesnt go with scalebound.

i like the dragon stuff and the fighting,just not the style and music.

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ABizzel11209d ago

Crackdown no.

Quantum Break and Scalebound......No Duh, I mean what other XBO exclusives in their genres look better than them, you'd be hard pressed to find a multiplat right now that looks better.

Darkwatchman1210d ago

Crackdown 3 is not. It's a technical
Benchmark because of its use of destruction and physics, but the animations and the quality of the visuals themselves Is actually really poor.

The other 2 are most definitely impressive though

BVFTW1210d ago

I don't get why people disagrees with you, from what was shown, Crackdown is impressive because all the physics calculations and interactive render but it wasn't pretty and shiny as it focused on delivering mayhem!

Letthewookiewin1209d ago

I've been saying the same thing about Crackdown. The destruction is pretty cool but the game still looks like crap. Quantum Break looks flat out amazing! Scalebound looks really great I love Japanese games, but like everyone is saying hopefully it gets smoothed out. I still haven't seen a game on any platform that looks better than the Order 1886 too bad it was only ok to play.

Daz1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

JUdge a game from a tech demo and pre alpha of the destruction nice one /s

NeoGamer2321210d ago

Honestly, more graphics talk?

Can we just let it go?

The games look like they will have great gameplay, great story, great sound, great cloud features, and great environments. Great graphics is only part of the game.

Once they release we will find out if they live up to their demos. But, I couldn't care less as long as they are at least 720p and hold at least a solid 30 FPS.

SteamPowered1210d ago

Then why even buy an X1? If it isnt a technical advantage over an older console, then there really isnt incentive to upgrade in my opinion.

If we dont expect better things out of developers, they simply wont deliver, knowing we will buy whatever they churn out anyways.

NeoGamer2321210d ago

There is a lot more to this generation of games then upcoming the number of pixels on the screen.

There has been way too much focus on that. Games like Ryse and The Order are 900p or 1080p. Did that help them with reviewers? Did that help push sales of those games?

There is much more to game advancement then graphics... The level of interactivity in the environment, the maintenance of frame rates at or above 30 FPS, the story the game tells, then ambience the game environment sets, the level of control of the game's story/outcome, the game controls, the gameplay system, the game AI, the sounds from the game, the sense of urgency and intensity the game gives the gamer, etc.

Why does innovation only get recognized by how many pixels are on the screen? You look at games like Gears, Final Fantasy, Halo, Batman, Resident Evil, God of War, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Witcher, Dead Space, CoD, Battlefield, Uncharted, TLOU, etc. Arguably, some of the greatest IPs ever in gaming and none of them started with 1080p.

raggy-rocket1210d ago

I very partially agree with him, but I think regardless of graphics the console are much more capable in terms of technical achievements e.g how much they can fit into a big open world. Maybe he meant to say that, but although graphics aren't a bit thing to me, richer and more detailed environments through better texture and lighting are definitely incentives to upgrade. I like seeing improvements in the game and how the world looks. Frame rate is also a big boost to the experience but resolution I don't really mind.

BVFTW1210d ago

Well, I do like pretty graphics but wouldn't you prefer that the developers were more focused on delivering refined gameplay, expand and create new experiences? They're so focused on outdoing the graphical performance of last gen that content is getting behind as an afterthought, I mean, is expensive to deliver that graphical quality and game content in most cases has been reduced or fractionated as dlc for making an extra buck. Infamous second son comes to my mind, I'm a fan of the franchise and I enjoyed second son but I also felt that Infamous 2 gave Second Son a run for its money. The extra power of the new tech can be used for many more things than weren't possible on last gen than shinier graphics.

SteamPowered1209d ago

Raggy and BVFTW bring up some great points. Some view technical advantages as resolution, while others think of it as experiences or peripherals. Personally I was lured into the X1 with the kinect 2.0 because I thought it was the next best thing for consoles.
Others may view the Morpheus, or digital libraries, or faster FPS as the reason for an upgrade.

Good thoughts going around.

AngelicIceDiamond1209d ago

I really want that sense of wonder that we had back in PS2 and OG Xbox days. That sense of variety, flavor, adventure. That generation captured that.

But it seems like this gen just continued the debate on graphics and FPS more harder than last gen. Pixel counting has to get old some day. It was amusing a year and two years ago but how long will ppl, and more importantly the media will continue this crusade this?

Wheres the fun factor? The wonder factor this gen? Here's hoping MS and Sony keep pushing original games that capture that fun and wonder factor of the PS2 days again. Those were the best moments in gaming imo.

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ninsigma1210d ago

Hmmm I don't think crackdown is. Not sure about scalebound. Quantum break on the other hand looks amazing in the graphics department. Will probably be the best looking xbox game when it releases (please release soon!).

parentsbasement1210d ago

They are xbox exclusives, that's the only benchmark , if you want to play them I mean...

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