The Video Games That Deserve a Second Chance

Dismissed on release, several games have gone on to represent worthwhile investments of time, and here are just four of them.

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InTheZoneAC1199d ago

how about Rage

And Haze was terrible. Nothing about it was appealing, despite people trying to make it seem like it was something even worth looking at in your collection of games.

Transporter471199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Haze looked really promising then when it released it was shit. The game had potential though.

dillhole1199d ago

Personally I hated Rage, but most people I talk to seem to enjoy it. It just annoyed me from start to finish.

Heyxyz1199d ago

I agree with you about Haze. People try to to make it seem decent when it really isn't. Haze is one of the worst games I've ever played.

Another game people try to make seem good is Brink. I found nothing redeeming in Brink, yet you can still find fans of it online.

Brotard1199d ago

I loved rage but doom 4 will probably hold me off until rage 2.

OneAboveAll1199d ago

I liked Rage. What I didn't like abut Rage was the fact the MP was only combat racing. An iD game with no FPS deathmatch? Lame.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1198d ago

I bought Rage day one. The previews sold me on the graphics, loved how it was an ID Software product and what looked like a Borderlands distant cousin.

I think I ended up liking it, but I swear I can not remember a minute of play of this game. That's never happened to me, so to me the game was probably ultra generic without any particular flavor.

InTheZoneAC1198d ago

I started replaying it yesterday, never did beat it, but I didn't remember a thing from the opening sequence when your character lands on this planet...

I'm in the middle of doing the races and getting a new vehicle, once I'm done with these local missions I'll be in new territory...

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TWB1199d ago

I bought Murdered: Soul Suspect like at the end of last year for 20€, played a while, havent touched since.

I WILL finish the game though, I just have so many other (to me) more interesting games to finish first.

Heyxyz1199d ago

I got the platinum for murdered soul suspect in less than 8 hours, and most of the time was spent looking for the collectables needed for the platinum. You can easily complete the story mode in less than four hours, and the game is also extremely easy.

I really liked murdered soul suspect. I was just so sad that I paid full price for such a short game.

Heyxyz1199d ago

I really loved Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. I loved how the characters were pure evil (verses that "antihero" evil), and only did things to get themselves further. Add that to the game's atmosphere, amazing and varied levels, and awesome multiplayer (which sadly nobody plays anymore) and you have a great game. It was really sad for me when K&L 2 came and dropped the ball because I loved the first game so much.

timmyp531199d ago

Totally agree the mood and story in the first game was amazing! I was turned off by shaky cam in the second but it wasn't a bad game though just didn't feel the same.

OneAboveAll1199d ago

Quake Wars: Enemy Territory should have gotten more love. The Battlefield fans should have liked it.

Relientk771199d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved Odyssey of the West

LoveSpuds1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Enslaved was a grossly under appreciated title, I loved every minute of that game.

I have Remember Me from PS+ and definately hope to play it but I have so many other games vying for my attention. Currently playing Galak-Z a very recent title that doesnt seem to be getting the buzz it deserves, the game is flippin' brilliant.

I suppose the problem is that there are plenty of very good games so there are lots of less mainstream or promoted games that 'fall down the cracks'. I think this is why many devs are turning to indy titles.

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