New Dreamcast game scheduled for release

Think Madden 09 for Xbox was a poor move? Well the latest game for the Dreamcast, called DUX, a side scrolling shooter is scheduled to be released August 28 by & KonTechs Ltd.

Dux is a shooting game for Sega Dreamcast developed by & KonTechs Ltd. This game combines traditional gameplay with modern shoot 'em up features such as many bullets on-screen and an adequate scoring system. To make advantages of the Dreamcasts 2D capabilities, the game completly consist out of CGI and features high-resolution with super smooth graphics. Furthermore this game runs region free on NTSC/J/US/PAL systems.

Compatible Devices: Original Pad, Arcade Stick, VGA

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Playstation Man3673d ago

They have the crowd demanding it and they seem to have consistent software support...I mean, how many years has it been dead already?

r2kcipher3673d ago

if they make a new console i would buy it.

mikeslemonade3673d ago

Could this mean there will be still PS2 games released 30 years from now.

Ogrekiller3673d ago

just announced a new game for the ps2.

Winter47th3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

If SEGA would make a new console i simply won't buy it just to give it back to'em at what they did to the DC, they gave us all the big finger at its prime and that simply made me lose faith in the company, milking Sonic to death didn't help either, not showing anything about Jet Set Radio & Shenmue only made it worse.

Escamotage3672d ago

It's been low-key, but in Japan DC never died. They've never stopped making DC games.

muss12103672d ago

dreamcast never died, its still got a massive following in japan with tons of homebrew avaiable so its no wonder some1 is trying to make a bit of money out of it

sumfood4u3672d ago

How can they still try an sell games? Dreamcast was bad back in the days but trying to pull a 2Pac an sell after dying doesn't seem like its possible!

Kratos34523672d ago

Sega doesn't have enough money to make a new console and even their games haven't been very good since they pulled out of the race and at 1.1 u would buy a console just because of the brand name WOW.

Mclovin963672d ago

"u would buy a console just because of the brand name WOW."

Thats why most people bought a PS3 and look at it now, 2 years after launch it still sucks ass.

tom15953672d ago

sega have some hardcore (if sega can be considered hardcore) followers, but their is certainly not a following big enough to ensure another consoles success

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Desz3673d ago

This is awesome! The Dreamcast was way ahead of its time. It set standards for the later released consoles.

masterprince1013673d ago

im gonna be dead honest with you ive sold back my ps2, n64, but i havent sold my dreamcast. i still pop it in sometimes for powerstone 2, or revolt, or any other of its great games. im still annoyed that they dropped it as it was a mixture of nintendo and xbox to sonys ps2 and it had that best of both worlds in terms of games

Kratos Spartan3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

The Dreamcast has been dead for years. This company is wasting their money. This is unbelievable. The Dreamcast was not ahead of it's time. Might as well start making games for Super Nintendo as well. I'm sorry, but this is the dumbest thing I have seen in years.

EDIT: It would be foolish for Sega to get back into the console business. Their really isn't room for another one.

kinggeoff3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )


DC not ahead of its time? VMUs, stock modem, keyboard/mouse that destroyed everything else that was out at the time. AND the home of Shenmue 1 & 2.
think before you type. It will save you some embarrassment

Kratos Spartan3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I always think before I type. I just don't follow the crowd when they say foolish things, like you. You, like most, say it was ahead of its time, but can bring nothing to back that statement up. Because there is nothing. It certainly could save you some embarrassment.

Edit: oh you went and found nothing.

potenquatro3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

ur intitled to ur opinion but i disagree. the dreamcast was the best system out since the snes or genesis. it had everything hardware wise. it could even make higher resolutions then the ps2. the death of the dreamcast like the death of the pc engine and other sad console deaths show the apearence obssesed marketing dependent politics of the gaming industry. video games are a form of entertainment, and the industry shows it's no better then the music or movie industry. there is always a struggle between real artists, indie artists and mainstream celebritys. the dreamcast was a real artist. the problem is, if you wanna get paid, you have to be a celebrity, not an artist.

edit: not to get between your conversation, but it was ahead of it's time, i.e. seganet, higher resolution grafics, better format then cd, very very easy to dev for, it had an OS, broadband conection, vmu, keyboard/mouse, etc. if u don't see it it's ok. people called the saturn noninovative trash, and it had multiple procesors, internal harddrive, upgradeble hardware, etc. people always had some sort of disdain for SEGA. aparently SEGA lacked the "cool" factor that tennagers go for. things are a litle difrent now since alot of gamers are adults now. lets hope for a gaming future of substance not flash.

edit edti: no, i don't think SEGA should make more consoles. tha past two generations have proved it doesn't matter if u sell upwards of 10 million consoles, you need deep pockets to fend off the sharks and SEGA just doesn't have the capital imho.

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juuken3673d ago

Wow, the Dreamcast is alive and still kicking. Sega, get your butts in there and make another console! >:P

Laexerias3673d ago

And there are still developer on Dream Cast.

@ This Forum
Who the hell is that Wii Cast? He should die, i mean, that picture he posted doesnt make any sence!? Just because u r shooting against a thing its Metroid ? O_o What a dumb*ss.

Bathyj3673d ago

It might do well. There are probably 5 million Sony haters still clinging to their Dreamcasts dying for a good game. Thats one hungry userbase.

I dont think Sega should get back into hardware. Thats just nostalgia talking. People are forgeting how many years they got whipped by Nintendo and then Sony for. They were absolutely spewing money into a hole for near a decade before they finally did the right thing. Now anyone who wants to can enjoy there games, not just a select few who own their consoles.

Ogrekiller3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

That's interesting... I didn't even know anyone developed for it anymore