GamePro: Naruto: The Broken Bond Preview

NARUTO: The Broken Bond is an action-adventure game that picks up where Rise of a Ninja left off. The game throws Naruto and 25 other characters in playable adventures from the series, complete with voice acting from the original cast. The Broken Bond is an Xbox 360 exclusive and will be on store shelves November 7th, 2008.

Following Naruto's ascent in last year's acclaimed Rise of a Ninja, The Broken Bond picks up his story at the height of peace in Konoha. Naruto has gained the respect of his fellow villagers except for his close friend Sasuke. Envious of Naruto's power, Sasuke leaves to join forces with Orochimaru. As a legion of sand ninjas lay waste to Konoha, Naruto is left to reconstruct the ruined town and seek out his forsaken friend.

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Sonics0203707d ago

O god why? Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm looks so much better. Why is this even coming out?

sushipoop3707d ago

true. Rise of Ninja was bad enough as it is and now those same people are making a sequel. they should leave Naruto to the Japanese.

Slade233706d ago

how would you know it's better. you didn't even play the game yet stupid!!

Montrealien3706d ago

Sonic, unless you did not know this, Storm, wich looks like a great game, is exclussive to the PS3, Brocken bond is only on the 360. Imho this is so much better then having the same game ported on both consoles. We have what is looking like 2 great Naruto games coming out on both consoles and they are different. If you can`t appreciate that then you are a generic fanboy, it`s sad really, you will miss out on so many games...

pwnsause3707d ago

look, the backgroud drawings in the game dont mix very well with the actual characters, in other words what i am saying is the backgrounds in the game dont belong there with the anime, it doesnt feel anime like, unlike Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm's enviornments.

power of Green 3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Hating at it's best.

"Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm looks so much better"

The reason you think so is because you're a PS3 fanboy and you are deffending the PS3 version.

Have you even researched anything about this title? this game's offerings blow that game you're talking about out of the water. lol

Stop hating on the superior environmental dynamic graphics the 360 Naruto games have.
Bashing this game because the PS3 game has painted in detail in the environmets is no mask of what you're really doing when bashing this game, its that simple.

sushipoop3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

The combat system looks slow. The characters don't even look the same as they do in the anime. The people developing it aren't even Japanese. Rise of Ninja sucked. Ultimate Ninja Storm looks miles better than this trash, ESPECIALLY when talking about graphics. Going into First Person in a Naruto game = lol.

Naruto looks like a retard in Broken Bond.

power of Green 3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Who needs to hear a troll's opinion in a thread about a game that they hate or think is inferior by default anyways lol.

Doesn't make any sense. The first info just came out about the game yesterday or so and it's being written off just because the PS3 has a Naruto game. GTFO of herrr

Go play(wait for) the PS3 version no one gives a fuc, sheeesh.

Like a child going over to the other children's play spot saying his toy is better and he knows a place to play that beats where they're playing at lol

sushipoop3707d ago

"Who needs to hear a trolls opinion"

Talking to yourself there, POG? I mean you're the biggest troll on N4G.

Slade233706d ago

sushi i bet you don't even play naruto that much. and also i bet that your just saying that because, 1 your a ps3 fanboys and trying to defend the ps3. now the another thing that i really hate the most is ps3 fanboys going to 360 articles. and sushi your the biggest troll on n4g. because dude your in a freaking 360 article, i don't even know why your in here. were talking about NARUTO: THE BROKEN BOND not stupid ultimate ninja strom. well i like both games but then i perfer broken bond and it's my opinion. also your opinion as well but why come over here and talk about. we don't care what you like. go ahead go be a 5 year old talk alot of opinions. but this is a 360 article. i don't see any ps3 on top on the article. thats the sign of ps3 fanboys going to 360 artciles and being stupid 5 years old commenting on crap that is not realatied to broken bond. yes thats why ps3 fanboys are the dumb and worst fanboys ever. lol and the thing that makes me laugh is that you guys don't even see how the game is like so how would you know it's better stupid. i prove myself again let me say 5 words DUMB AND WORST FANBOYS EVER.

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power of Green 3707d ago

You're hating on the reaction of the media as an whole and this game's new found offerings.
The text in this post is offensive to PS3 fanboys, they actually seen Ninja Storm as payback's for the fisrt XBox game and now this game comes out of nowhere seeming to offer enough to have the industry excited.

Even an anti Xbox site like GP had a hard time trying to downplay this with spin lol.

poos33706d ago

HAHAH PS3 FANBOYS ARE comparing a open world adventure (broken bond) to the ninja stormon the ps3 which is a boring fighting game with no free roam mode if im wrong prove me wrong ? haha dont let them fool you storm is a fighting game which is no contest an an open world game.

panasonic233706d ago

uns is basicly a dbz tenkichi clone it a fighting game with one big area that it. naron2 is a actionadventure game it got more going on than uns it a gta naruto game. If ubisoft use the graphic from prince of persia there wil be no contest

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