Were Developers Simply Unprepared for This Generation?

Given the fact that so many high-profile games have released with so many problems this generation, one wonders if and why developers weren’t prepared.

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TRASHBOAT___1213d ago

I don't think thats the case . I think the publishers are putting too much pressure on the developers to release games that are not ready so they can get them on the market at a faster pace and if is broken then they will patch it later.
it sucks bruh but I think the developers were ready but they need the publishers to be less greedy

Erik73571212d ago

Agreed, a lot of glitchy rushed games came out these past 2 years.

xHeavYx1212d ago

I agree about some games being glitchy and stuff, but also, every gen starts slowly.

Volkama1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

All blame on the people writing cheques, no blame on the people taking the cheques and failing to deliver what was agreed?

I'm not a sympathiser for greedy publishers, but it is not necessarily fair to expect them to just ride out delays because dev studios are missing clearly defined deadlines. Every day that a game is delayed balloons the budget and throwing more money at it is not good for them or us. Pretty sweet for the devs though.

Maybe publishers are putting unrealistic expectations on the devs. Maybe they are offering the devs too much freedom, and the problem is devs mis-managing the project. Seems presumptuous to say it is the publisher's fault, as we simply don't know the details.

In every case there will be a point in the project where the dev and/or publisher becomes aware that they are behind schedule. Then a conversation must take place. None of us a privy to that process or conversation, so how can we take sides?

TRASHBOAT___1212d ago

You present some great points bruh like you said none of us are inside those companies but for example WB knew that Arkham Knight wasn' t ready to release on PC and EA knew that BF4 wasn't ready .
Who makes the ultimate decision is the publisher.

Volkama1211d ago

Yes, definitely some good examples of publishers willfully releasing broken games. I'm not defending that. Arkham Knight in particular was apparently handed off to a team of 12 to port, with an immovable deadline.

I'm just pointing out that in some cases the publisher may not be the villain*. Deadlines are a normal part of any project, and money is a finite resource.

*Activision excluded, they're always the villain

Ezz20131211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

You and trashboat
bring pretty good points.

FerrianX1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Both parties need to revisit their time frames and more importantly I think they need to stop announcing games before they are ready. Once they announce a game the media and public jump on it for more information and details, this places an unnecessary stress on deadlines there on out. If your game is good the hype will follow, announcing too early can actually hurt a games production rather then help it and force decisions by devs and publishers they otherwise could have avoided.

3-4-51211d ago

Narrow minded greedy publishers who are out of touch with reality is more a problem than anything.

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uth111213d ago

New hardware allows for bigger and more complex games. That means more content, and it takes more time to create that content. So development times increase

nowitzki20041212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

WOW Someone with common sense. People act like this is still the old days. Games have so much content today that they are bound to be glitchy, I think most games get fixed really well quickly like Witcher 3 for instance that was not even that bad from the start considering how HUGE of a game it is.

thorstein1212d ago

It is certainly evident that journalists were unprepared for this Generation.

Ultr1212d ago

exactely. I might add "journalists"

Fishy Fingers1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Architecturely this is the 'easiest' gen to develop for, especially when your game is multiplat, the problem is largely the dudes signing the cheques placing hitting their chosen release date over quality.

A connected, online gen has allowed them the freedom to patch things, while that had huge benefits to everyone including the end user it also means they can release games in a state that historically they wouldn't of been able to.

Still, no developer or publisher WANTS to release a broken game and rarely are they truly unplayable.

showtimefolks1212d ago

no people just over expected, you have to understand a fact. in the history of gaming first few years always see bunch of average games. and this gen actually is better that We have actually gotten good to great games

you look at past gens and first few years always saw very little software support but this hasn't been the case

dead rising 3
infamous second son
forza horizon 2
forza 5
drive club
Witcher 3
the order 1886 bloodborne

and I haven't even listed many 3rd party games

so just don't go into a new generation expecting awesome games at launch. it usually takes few years

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