GameTrailers: Best of E3 Awards 2008 Best Hardware

Hardware is all about the software. Who has the best line up and incentives at the show?

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-M4verick-3645d ago

They didn't even show one of Square Enix's 3(4 including FF 13)JRPG's or Tales of Vesperia coming to the 360 and it still won.

shine13963645d ago

erm...suppose so...they showed tons of games on the ps3 and like avatars on the x360...and this was supposed to be based on games? so basically it was gears 2/fable 2 over lbp/infamous/R2/K2/Fat princess etc etc etc?


BattleAxe3645d ago

That award wasn't based on Hardware, it was based on playable demos. What a rediculous award.

IzKyD13313645d ago

agreed, the ps3 has the better games coming out this year, and they still gave the award to the 360

StephanieBBB3645d ago

I think it's strange how the Xbox360 can get the hardware award when it RROD or atleast crashed in the gears2 demo at E3... Oh well...

La Chance3645d ago

it wasnt biaised 24 hours ago when Res 2 won best multiplayer.

Real gamer 4 life3645d ago

I wouldn't go as far as calling them biased but yea i don't agree with them at all. They praised the 360 for showing multiplatform games. That is very stupid. I don't agree with gametrailers on this one.

ICUP3645d ago

Because it deserve it, 60 pplz online, 8 co-op name another games that come close to it.

Ju3645d ago

I agree. What a joke. I guess this is a compensation award because the PS3 cashed out so heavily this time on the game front...

shazam3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The Microsoft faction won this battle. Hopefully the Sony faction didn't suffer too many casualties.

The Sony team must have been running low on ammunition because of their victories at the battle for best graphics and the battle for best online multiplayer.

marinelife93645d ago

What 360 game should of won best multiplayer?? Gears 2 with five on five action?? Fable 2 with no online pvp combat?? Resistance or Spore winning best online was a no brainer.

The 360 winning for E3 games is pretty ridiculous. They only showed talked about two 360 exclusive games. Everything else is coming out on both consoles. If they would of made the Halo announcement I might have understood.

jidery3645d ago

Its funny at the end they said "There wouldent be a worst time to get RROD"

kevnb3645d ago

they said best for 2008, most of sonys big games are 2009. 2009 will be the year of the playstation. 2008 belongs to the xbox 360, but don't get me wrong, in 2009 the ps3 will bury it.

rexor07173645d ago

360 must have had more playable demos, not a better year line up. They probably had to just throw the 360 a bone some time, could you image the fallout if they would have said the PS3 will be better than the 360?

InMyOpinion3645d ago

They were nominating exclusives that were playable at E3, not overall line-up of 2008. Listen before you go fanboy crazy.

Jack Meahoffer3645d ago

Everything is bias when it doesn't 100% agree with you. You fruits flip every time one of these things come out. GT is bias when the 360 wins something but totally gods word when the PS3 wins something.

Only bias around here is your fruit brand worshipers crying bias.

Grow up.

callahan093644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"Exclusive" games for the 360 that they say gave it the edge:

1) Gears of War 2
2) Fable 2
3) Left 4 Dead
4) Rock Band 2 (which is only exclusive for a short time)

Exclusive games for the PS3 that they say made it a great showing:

1) A "pixar-perfect" Ratchet & Clank game
2) MMO-home established with The Agency
3) MAG (256-players online)
4) LittleBigPlanet

They go into Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, and Final Fantasy XIII as great reasons to have a 360, while every single one of those is also on the PS3. Rock Band 2 being timed exclusive for a month or two? Who gives a crap, it's just a short period, hardly worth choosing one system over another so you can play a rhythm-game sequel an extra month early.

They didn't even SHOW any other games for the 360 besides the ones they mentioned in the narration. But for the PS3, they had great footage of playable exclusives like Fat Princess, InFamous, and Resistance 2. They showed a bit of the God of War 3 trailer, too. They had a notable absence of Killzone 2 and Valkyria Chronicle footage / commentary for some reason.

When I add it all up, it seems to me that the PS3 has the better library coming out in the future.

When I think of upcoming exclusives, not counting timed, here's what I see:

- Gears of War 2
- Fable 2
- Halo Wars
- Left 4 Dead
- Banjo Kazooie
- Too Human
- Viva Pinata
- Infinite Undiscovery
- Lips
- You're In The Movies
- Portal Still Alive
- Geometry Wars 2
- South Park XBLA

- Resistance 2
- LittleBigPlanet
- InFamous
- Killzone 2
- God of War 3
- Motostorm Pacific Rift
- Disgaea 3
- Valkyria Chronicle
- The Agency
- DC Universe Online
- Buzz! Quiz TV
- Fat Princess
- Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty
- Siren: Blood Curse
- Rag Doll Kung Fu

If I'm not forgetting anything that each company made an ordeal of, then I count more titles on the PS3 end, and in my personal opinion, a slew of titles of higher quality that I'm more excited for. Most professionals seem to agree that the PS3 had the game of the show in LittleBigPlanet, many said that InFamous was action game of show, Resistance 2 was FPS of show, Killzone 2 had the best graphics, Fat Princess was one of the most creative original IPs displayed and one of the most fun multiplayer games, everyone knows God of War 3 will be amazing despite having seen little of it, Valkyria Chronicle is an already proven title that got great reviews in Japan and from import reviewers. Same with Disgaea 3. And MAG pretty much blew the lid off in terms of what people can expect from online war games in the future.

360 has a couple great exclusives in there, but nothing revolutionary and mostly just sequels, and seriously... is anybody excited about Lips or You're In The Movies? I think that Buzz! Quiz TV on the PS3 looks pretty uninteresting, but definitely more up my alley than those two games.

Oh well. Whatever. I'm opinionated, and this is my opinion. I see a much better line-up on the PS3.

Domenikos3644d ago

Avatars are freaking Miis.

lol... everything is about games DUH... BS

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

xBox 360??? ;-D
Oh (GameTraitors.con) are still M$ @SS-Lickers!!! ;-D

PS3 WON E3!!!;) Easy!;) It had everything!!!

eagle213645d ago

So Bullshi$ is the right word for this one.... :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3645d ago

...the REAL ;-D Sir Ken Kutaragi won best Console maker EVER!!! ;)

SpecialSauce3644d ago

they didn't even announce any new games plus sony line up is way bigger PLUS fable 2 is crap plus the only good game on 360 is gears PLUUUUUUS the biggest announcement of their keynote was a multiplatform game PLUS half of those xbox games wont come out for another 6 months PLUS most of the games they talked about in that video were multiplatform games PLUUUS those avatars are [email protected] and childish PLUUUUS PP is a [email protected]

Pain3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

like No Really!?... what did u expect...

If this "Award" was soley for the Games...then ist a No brainer GT is Up M$'s A$$.

PS3's games LBP/KZ2/RFOM2/infamous Smoked Gears 1.5 and fable out of the water in terms of Hardware graphics.

but GameTrailers is a MTV + Spike TV = 'M$'NBC owned ... u think they PS3 fans?

edit: whats that my Gammer nazi fan? Gam71? i share something with you, Acting like a "MOMY hi hit Me again kid on the internet is the LAMEST thing a moron can do.

wine some more go ahead waaa waaa Pain insulted me waaaa waaa !!! I said respond if u can with your 1 bubble and Pain PM'd me with a Insult im such a hurt EMO /cry's.... give up kid.

Gam713644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


Listen to juuken and sir kent cunwhatever cry.

But the biggest crybaby is pain.

Sends me stupid childish pms acting tough then cries when i responds and childishly replies with an insult and blocks me from responding.

What a brat. Pain mate, I know having only 1 bubble you get jealous of others who can reply but come on. Dont throw your toys out of your pram when you're called out on being a grade a pilock.

Gam713644d ago

Pain your 15 minutes are up.

ever wonder why you have 1 bubble and no friends.

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Omega43645d ago

Kinda makes you wonder how R2 won the award for best multiplayer.....could be to keep playstation fans sweet before the true award came out, which i believe the 360 won last year too

TheColbertinator3645d ago

So hold on a minute.According to Gametrailers the best games at E3 were on PS3,but the best console was the Xbox360?Something wrong here?

Tmac3645d ago

Lol ahaha @ OP. Seriously don't try to flatter yourself.

IzKyD13313645d ago

no omega, its just in your head

Vojkan3645d ago

Was this choice made by ugly tom and uglier greg(guys from screw attack). We all remember how those two forcefully made video from last year, about how 2007 was best year ever just because of 360. Yawn unoriginal GT, unoriginal. Get out of your shell.
Just for your info RE5, Fallout 3 and what not MS showed at its press conference, it is also on PS3, so basically Sony had 1 and a half press conference.