Batman: Arkham Knight PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Head2Head

Watch a graphics comparison between the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Batman: Arkham Knight.

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poor_cus_of_games1268d ago

Anyone got another link? Says on mine plug in not supported. Thanks.

uptownsoul1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I love that its in a language I don't understand…It makes it feel like a completely different game

btw, what language is the video in?

gaffyh1268d ago

Slightly sharper on PC I think, nothing worth writing home about, looks pretty amazing on all 3. You'd have to get really nit-picky in order to spot any real differences.

catinthehat1268d ago

PS4 is definitely the best version

tristan5521268d ago

lol pc is missing some stuff but looks better overall

edqe1268d ago

Yep, at least the textures are still broken on PC version and it is lacking of ambient occlusion, etc.

C L O U D1268d ago

The rain/water droplets on the cape is a big difference for sure

bangoskank1268d ago

I though the PC version would look best but the PS4 seems to take the cake here. Surprised.

edqe1268d ago

Unfortunately PC version is still totally broken - it is not just performance but textures, graphical effects, etc. We need to wait Rocksteady fixes the game and then lets make another comparison.