New Details on Mega Man Creator's Xbox One Exclusive ReCore

New details have emerged online regarding ReCore, the new game from Mega Man, Onimusha, and Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune, which was one of the big surprises during Microsoft's E3 press conference.

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Neonridr1269d ago

looks like a very interesting game.

SpaceRanger1269d ago ShowReplies(3)
SniperControl1269d ago

Yeah, definitely, looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay, but it has definitely peaked my interest.

nicksetzer11269d ago

Yea, that is where I am at. Everything that we know sounds great, but if the gameplay doesn't look good it win't matter. I will say I am very interested to see more, should see it soon since it comes out in spring 2016.

gamertk4211269d ago

Yes, it has piqued my interest as well.

poppinslops1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

The sandstorms sound like a cool idea... Inafune said they'd "change the maps", which I guess means the game will be played across a number of 'sandboxes'.

I wonder if your robot pals will be able to communicate? Searching for shelter from an approaching storm will be hectic, but waiting for it to blow over could end up being boring... they said that survival was a focus, so perhaps she'll use the downtime to eat, drink, heal and repair stuff (the trailer seems to suggest that guns will jam).

It kind of sounds like a really dark sequel to 'Wall-E', crossed with a post-judgement day Terminator... the trailer didn't do much for me (bloody CG), but the recent interviews and press releases have got me very interested.

Gamescom is going to be great.

SpaceRanger1269d ago

This is exactly how they get people.

They make a CGI trailer (no gameplay) and describe the story to you so that you picture it with that fidelity and visuals. If you're smart you won't hype up this game till gameplay is released.

And like I said before. Besides the orb concept, which isn't a very unique concept, the robots look like the robots from Metal Arms: Glitch in the system. And from how they describe the game, metal arms seems to still be in the lead so far as the most fun robot game.

Septic1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Wtf is this comment lmao.

You tell people not to get overhyped over the game's lack of info then you continue to critique it for its lack of uniqueness by making some silly comparisons.

"If you're smart you won't hype up this game till gameplay is released. "

If you're smart you won't crtique the game till gameplay is released. Yes I know its on the Xbox One but it still doesn't give you an excuse.

Let me spell out to you; people like me are looking forward to this not just based on the cgi trailer but also because of the people behind it. They have made some great games in the past so on that basis, its promising.

SniperControl1269d ago

Lol, i thought that as well, really looking forward to this game though.

SpaceRanger1269d ago

"Wtf is this comment lmao"

What's with you man? Does someone else's view of the situation really bother you that much to where you laugh at their point of view. Talk about immature. If you have a counter point to a topic just say it.

All I'm gonna say is that not all people are like you. I don't even need to spell that out to you. I shouldn't have to atleast. People should be as critical about this game as they should any other game whether it be story, gameplay or visuals. Showing a CGI trailer and saying "the story and gameplay are great" have nothing other than word to back it up. It doesn't matter the platform or developer.

And in regards to the comparison, that's just what came to mind when I saw the reveal. Metal Arms was and still is a hidden gem from last and the previous gen.

Septic1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

"If you have a counter point to a topic just say "

I did say it. Its in my original comment.

" Showing a CGI trailer and saying "the story and gameplay are great" have nothing other than word to back it up. "

Who said the gameplay is great?

MasterCornholio1269d ago

Look Gamescom is in a few weeks and I'm pretty sure we will see gameplay there.

I don't like seeing CGI trailers as well but as long as they show gameplay soon after I don't have a problem with them.

Also they never claimed that the gameplay would look like that so I'm fine with that as well.

oSHINSAo1269d ago

Wow... Well, why don't you tell sony fans to not overhyped for FFVII Remake, they only got an CGI, and it looks this make us all crazy, and we know this is not coming in 2016, maybe neither in 2017, but well...

The concept of the game and the people behind (as mentioned before) is what it makes think that we'll getting a quality game.

uptownsoul1269d ago

To me the CGI isn't the problem, its the short development time of 14 months. This seems like an incredibly short window to develop a full big budget, AAA game

Hercules1891268d ago

@ uptownsoul, The COD games from last gen had a 2 year dev time and some were great and some werent but theres no denying that MW, MW2 and Black ops were great games at there time except for their graphics.

nix1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

FYI, FFVII is already a great game... and it's a remake... which means same story.. probably the gameplay will change.

it's like playing your favourite game in pure HD. and the best part of that CGI trailer was a glimpse of what the world is going to look like in HD..

Thus.. the excitement.

Here no one knows about this game... except the CGI trailer. different. totally different.


i see "Sunset Overdrive" all over again with this game. generic characters. generic outlook. i said that SO was not going to do well at all when it came out and i was right. Some games.. you just know. i feel sorry for Insomniacs because i really loved Resistance series which also never got much love that it actually deserves.

No Way1268d ago

@Nix - Dude, generic? Iduno. But, I loved Sunset Overdrive..

nix1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

i was talking about Recore.. that generic characters/outlook.

SO had amazing look/graphics but it was just an overgrown R&C game..

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ExDexteraDomini1269d ago

I think you'll find that there will be quite a few differences between this games and Metal Arms. I'll put my money on the likelihood that ReCore will be an open world game, just as the Prime games were. That in itself would be a huge difference between Metal Arms.

Honestly, besides there being yellow robots there don't seem to be too many similarities with ReCore from going off of what we've been told. Considering the variety in robot companions this game gives me more of a Donkey Kong 64 vibe with having different companions that have different abilities to solve various puzzles. We don't have a lot to go off of yet, but ReCore may not be as much of a shooter as Metal Arms either.

christocolus1268d ago

I agree totally with your comment. I don't see the similarities too. well said.

christocolus1268d ago


You have no idea what you are talking about. Your comment is also quite ironic. You criticize MS for showing CG and you say we shouldn't get hyped then you compare it to metal arms and conclude that metal arms is in the lead. Have you seen something we haven't seen? How do you know that? Have you played the game? Wth are you even talking about?.Do you ever have anything positive to say about xbox?your first two comments here were marked yet you continued with your bias. Why not go focus on games&consoles you are actually interested in?

3ndulg31265d ago

Well said it seems like that is what sony fans do.they are like zombies.

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MasterCornholio1269d ago

Looks pretty interesting.


ScorpiusX1269d ago

Look forward to playing it and owning it come release.

vikingland11269d ago

Spring 2016 it say's at the end of the video so it must be coming along nicely.

nicksetzer11269d ago

I agree, they said it has been in developement for 14 months and comes out in what one would guess is 10 months.

24 months to make a brand new IP is amazing. It also is concerning to an extent, but with the names that are behind it, it all seems possible.

LexHazard791268d ago

Boggles my mind people are complaining about development time. When this gen is supposed to be shorter than the last. What are we gonna play two or three AAA games a generation because you guys want longer development time. If you can make a game quick and its good do it. Two yrs development time is awesome. I thought all this new tech was suppose to help with faster dev time. Come on man.......

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