Xbox one owners get access to the PopCap Bundle

Neil writes "Whilst the EA Access scheme is by far the best way of picking up the older EA titles, that’s not to stop them dropping the odd bundle onto the Xbox One Games Store. Today, we get access to the PopCap Bundle and if you aren’t an Access member, then it looks pretty decent."

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oKidUKo1267d ago

Yeah this is only decent if you aren't interested in EA Access. Peggle 2 is such a great pick up and play game.

LonDonE1267d ago

What would be crazy is if ea add all the 360 back catalogue of games in the vault for xbox one backward compatibility!
it would kill it even more.

Jmanzare1266d ago

These types of bundles bother me.. If you were interested in these games chances are you would have already purchased it they're just trying to squeeze money out of these games one more time before the sequel comes out