Goliath Answers to the “Don’t Starve Copy” Criticism

"Goliath, from Whalebox Studio has finally shown off more of the goods and to shut everyone up, since it caught buzz from its initial teaser trailer before E3 2015. Many video game critics coined the new strategy survival game as "Oh no here is another Don't Starve game". During E3 2015, GamerFitnation stopped by Encore Games to chat with Nadya Zhuk, associate producer, to hear what the team had to say on it all."

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Redinfamy884d ago

Can't wait for this to come to consoles soon


I cannot stop starving it the game. Rage quit! lol

Venomousfatman884d ago

Gotta have better resource management :3 LoL

uth11884d ago

"you build huge robots out of stuff you find in the worlds, and punch monsters in the face"

"so what makes your game different than Don't Starve?"

Wait? There's huge robots in Don't Starve? :P

ravens52884d ago

No but there are huge creatures.

Redinfamy884d ago

I like the whole factions part and building the different robots to survive. You can then trade robots as well to different factions. In stead of relying on just food and mental state is what Nadya also mentioned.

WizzroSupreme884d ago

I hear the game's pretty good, but wait – there are huge robots?

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