PS4 vs. Xbox One 2 Years Later

It's been almost two years since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched in North America and although the PS4 launched with a strong lead, but it looks like Xbox might be coming back with Phil Spencer leading the Xbox team.

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DarXyde1004d ago

I think, 2 years later, both consoles are coming along nicely. Xbox One I feel has come a long way, but Sony really just needed to maintain its momentum. Regardless, both are looking fantastic. Still giving the preference to PS4, but Xbox One deserves a nod.

That said, I don't know if I agree with Microsoft winning the holiday season, but I do agree that Halo V has a big chance of being the game to beat this holiday season. In terms of console sales, sure, Xbox will likely take the holidays in the US and maybe parts of Europe. Worldwide though, I'm skeptical.

lxeasy1003d ago

Phil Spencer has done an outstanding job with Xbox One. The One had a bad rep before launch and Phil along with the Xbox team have been working tirelessly to do right by us gamers. As for Sony they have been doing great from the start. And they just have to not get lazy. Keep doing what they are doing with Ps4 because gamers are responding positively. :) In the end as long as Xbox One and Ps4 keep doing what they are doing us gamers win!!!

underwaves751003d ago

two very intelligent comments