Doom Reboot Amps Up Ultraviolence With Fast Combat And Brutal Finishing Moves

The last time we saw the Doom series, creators id Software strove to frighten and surprise gamers with atmospheric, foreboding environments and monster closets. After an 11-year hiatus that included one scrapped concept, the first-person shooter that put the genre on the map returns with a new look much more closely aligned with the fast-paced, bombastic original.

To be successful at Doom, gamers need to unlearn all the conventions that have dominated the shooter space over the last decade. You won't be hiding behind cover while exchanging bullets, retreating from battle when your health is low, or keeping your distance from menacing beasts. Instead, Doom urges players to run headfirst into the fray with complete abandon and an itchy trigger finger.

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Trekster_Gamer1243d ago

People griping already saying this is the same old doom, I personally hope it is to some degree. From what I saw so far it really looks like a fun ride. I might be biased as I have been a fan since I installed and played doom on my dx266 dos pc :)