Enjoy 40 Minutes of North American Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay from Nintendo's Livestream

Xenoblade Chronicles X has finally gotten an official release for North America and today receives some impressive gameplay footage from that version thanks to the Nintendo Treehouse livestream.

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Yi-Long945d ago

... but I hope it does have the Japanese voices included as an option, like Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii had.

I certainly won't buy a dub-only game.

mikeslemonade945d ago

Looks good, but could have been better on current gen spec hardware.

themonado945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Yeah, that's just too bad...

wonderfulmonkeyman945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Gameplay quality would not have suddenly risen just because of that, bro.XD
It matches their vision for the game.

gamingpro945d ago

Lol at you casuals, gotta love you guys, don't know anything about gaming how sweet lol.

R00bot945d ago

I can't see it having that on-disc as they've already filled it as it is, but maybe they can implement an optional free download for those that want Japanese voices.

bnoyes945d ago

Every time I watch footage from this game it practically lulls me to sleep. Perfect for nap time.

PhoenixUp945d ago

Wii U has to wait long periods before it gets quality RPGs while PS4 gets them on a continuous basis.

Moonman945d ago

O.....K......and you felt you needed to say that why exactly??

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory945d ago

arent 90% of PS4 JRPG available on PS3 and Vita as well

novurdim942d ago

Vita is not considered a console nowadays and reaction to all multiplat games are pretty much "JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE GAMES FOR PS4, MY GOD, IT'S A QUEEN OF RPG, PS2-LEVEL. AND LOOK HOW DEAD VITA IS, ZERO GAMES, OMIGAWD". Kinda disgusting.

Debaitable945d ago

And why can't Star Fox look this good?! GG.....

Moonman945d ago

Watch this...Star Fox is simply stylized. It's sharp and the sound is pretty great....

PygmelionHunter945d ago

Stylized? Come on, that's not an excuse for the awful texture works... And being sharp just makes it all worse!

Though it seems to hold a steady 60fps, and yet, I know they can do a whole lot better than that on Wii U.

Moonman945d ago

I don't know when this build was made for E3, do you? Who knows what it may look like now. I am just saying that it looks like a Star Fox game. The style and feel. Nobody would mistake that art style for anything else.

ChickeyCantor944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

The issue with starfox is that it's rendering to two different buffers. So it has to render twice basically. And if you want to keep it 60fps you'd have to keep the resources less complex.

Xenoblade doesn't "suffer" from this design issue.

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