Final Fantasy 7: Why Square Enix must NOT remake this masterpiece for PS4

The video game industry must move away from the Hollywood cycle of remaking what was once popular. Also, the George Lucas and Ted Turner approach of technologically upgrading a piece of art. The purity of the game is tarnished and its original soul does not exist any more.

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SeanScythe948d ago

Glad no one listens to this dumba$$.

camel_toad948d ago

Yep. There are so many people that have not experienced this game that absolutely need to experience it. I cant wait to go through it again (remade) after all of this time.

Everyone that even remotely likes RPG's need to have it on their list.

mikeslemonade948d ago

And please please please remake FF 1-9. I'm not interested in FF15 and beyond anymore. I rather spend the next 15 years just remaking the old Final Fantasys.

Septic948d ago

I am one of them. I never had the chance to play this and I remember staring at the postcard for this that Sony sent me for AGES. Seriously, my mind filled in the blanks and I wanted it so much. The same with Croc.

I held off playing FF7 all this time because it didn't age well visually. I am glad I did. I REALLY hope they do the original game justice. I don't want to miss out on what many consider the best FF game.

joab777948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

How does it ruin the soul? Can't you still play the original? Oh yeah, you can. And name me which remakes or remasters this gen have ruined their originals?

Lightning Mr Bubbles948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

You know that you're going to get all sorts of opinions about FF7 remake. So obviously you're bound to get some real dumb ones.

Shadow Flare948d ago

It may bring joy.
It may bring fear.
But let us embrace whatever it may bring.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes947d ago

"But" let us embrace "whatever it may bring".

Your imagery needs work. LOL at the 10 agrees.

iamtehpwn948d ago

Even if Square Enix remade this game and it was an awful remake, the original game still forever exists. And really, if Dirge of Cerberus couldn't hurt FF7's name, nothing really could at this point.

KwietStorm948d ago

Lol now that's the damn truth. I forgot that even existed.

Charybdis948d ago

Its a huge game expectations are high. Lots of concerns with a game of this magnitude but glad to see it will finally happen. Biggest problem in my opinion will be budget and time needed to remake such a game into a next gen experience. This remake might be the biggest project for square since the original game which at that time was easily one if not the most expensive ps1 title ever created.

showtimefolks948d ago

So tjis industry doesn't need ff7 temake and nor it will be any good? First of all the industry stood up and clapped

And this man e
here knows the future, I hope you do realize that ff7 won't be coming till 2017, meaning it will be developed right

If you don't want it than don't wrote a stupid article. But there are a lot of gamers who want it

LegoIsAwesome948d ago

I think what Mr. relateuk2003 means is, Why Square Enix must remake this masterpiece FOR the PC first before PS4.

AndrewLB948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

A far more valid criticism that the author completely missed is there are so many scenes throughout the game that will not work with modern graphics... or modern political correctness. Just think about everything that goes down at Wall Market (Honeybee Inn, Cornholio, and of course Big-Bro!) for instance. I doubt we'll be having a squatting contest with a gay bodybuilder who wears wigs in the remake.
The trailer looks as if they're going to take the game in a dark direction much like we saw in Advent Children.

Here's a great article from 2012 entitled "Five Things We Won't See in the Final Fantasy VII Remake"

ScorpianusNoir948d ago

It has already been implied that we will be seeing Cloud in a dress.
All of the storyline issues that this article puts forth can easily be addressed in an updated remake. There is no problem with any of the Don Corneo, plot points, unless you are a homophobic child. They are meant to be funny and that is exactly how they come across. Some of it may change, but most of it should remain exactly as it was.

King_of_Nothing948d ago

If anything, I would think the opposite to be true. We just witnessed a former Olympic athlete announce their new identity as female to the world. Most backlash seemed to be from people who felt dubbing her a hero etc. was misplaced, not because of sexual orientation.

I would hope that the portrayal of a gay bodybuilder in one of the games more humorous scenarios wouldn't be removed considering how much has changed since the original games release.

Genova84948d ago

He's right though:they need to remake it for ps4, xbone and pc, not just the ps4!

3-4-5947d ago

Who is this person ?

They ARE making it. Learn to accept reality.

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Irishguy95948d ago

Yeah yeah

FF7 on Ps1 is still there regardless of any future games

the_dark_one948d ago

"Final Fantasy 7 remake is not what the video game industry needs, nor will it probably be any good" yeah.... neither is this article

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08948d ago

I don't know who this person is, and i'm already not liking this guy.

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