MineCraft HoloLens is a spectacular glimpse into a new technology and an old game


"Minecraft HoloLens isn't a tech demonstration or experiment, not anymore."

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dreadz741275d ago

Looks awesome can't wait for this!!!

DragonbornZ1275d ago

When I first got into yugioh, pokemon, and beyblade as a kid I always imagined something like this. I'd see those plastic arenas for the beyblades, or those things that go on your arm for yugioh (forgot what it's called) and I thought it was so cool how they brought these things out of the shows. I'd imagine actual pokemon battles (and was bummed as I grew older that Nintendo hadn't done more with them - but that's a different story :P)
But this! Hololens! Holy sh*t I'd guaranteed go back and try out beyblade or yugioh on Hololens if they ever created games with em man, and of course I would for pokemon. I only recently realized this, but this tech is what I dreamt of in my childhood. Being able to experience some type of yugioh event where the monsters came to life would be incredible!
But not only those, really any card game or rts would suit the tech wonderfully.

Seeing what they can do with Minecraft n Halo kind of made me realize what was possible.
If they got the fov right and support more games like Hearthstone, pokemon, and yugioh, then hnnnnnngh!!

bababrooks1274d ago

looks great for RTS games...Halo Wars 2 anyone?