E3 Progress Report: assessing Nintendo's Digital Event and what it means for Wii U's future

What Nintendo didn't say in their Digital Event is almost as important as what they did. Random Nintendo breaks down all the major announcements, plus explores what the 2015 lineup indicates about the future of the Wii U.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

The fact that Zelda is still coming to Wii U, the system is still going to be supported by the Club Nintendo successor while getting new games in 2016, and that Nintendo has already stated the NX won't be a replacement, already guarantees that we will see the Wii U live out its full 5 year cycle.

As for the first party lineup for 2015?
It's still looking quite solid, especially since released titles are seeing continued support.
There's still at least 3 open character slots in Smash to fill, Mario Kart might be getting some new updates, Splatoon still has a HUGE amount of new content to release, and Mario Maker's creation community is going to be bat-s^%* crazy to behold.
That on top of releases of Devil's Third and other good titles alongside steady Indie support like Yooka-Laylee, means that no matter how it sells going forwards, those that dive in will have a solid library to enjoy.