Splatoon: Nintendo releasing new Kelp Dome map tomorrow

Nintendo will release a new map for Splatoon tomorrow as part of their continuing free updates for the third person online shooter. Confirmation comes from the game's Japanese Twitter account.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1203d ago

Heck yeah!
I love the multi-tiered maze-like quality of this stage and I'm really glad it's being added to the multiplayer stages.

leemass241202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

im right there with ya bud, i liked it in single player mode and can only be better in multiplayer, but wonder if it will have more than one capture point in ranked mode.

Nevers0ft1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

It's only briefly shown in the Splatfest trailer but it looks like some of the other upcoming stages have even more layers.

This one is basically all ramps :)


(credit for spotting this goes to Shinta on Destructoid)

3-4-51202d ago

I love the steady stream of maps.

* We are getting the same amount a COD game could, but instead of all at once they release them out weekly or so and this gives you something to look forward to.

* Usually with an FPS game or shooter, I get kind of burnt out on the maps within like a week, and by then I only really like half of them anyways.

* At least this way, you focus more on the maps there, learn them better, and everybody's knowledge of said maps increases at a more similar rate.

* It's = to how you gain levels in HEROES of the storm vs other mobas in that you are all leveling up together.

Not EXACTLY like that, but in a way, we increase and give us new stuff, but it's = for everyone.

They are trying to keep things leveled and balanced and I understand why.

* A good portion of Splatoon fans never really played shooters before, so the stuff that is 2nd nature for me...that is ingrained into my mind from all the way back to Goldeneye 007....they don't have that.

This basically gives newer shooter players 1-3 weeks to adjust to the shooter genre of games, before increasing the content.

Learning maps is easy for many shooter fans, but not so much for people new to shooters.

This lets even the somewhat lesser players have more time to learn the maps.

Learning the maps is HUGE in doing good in a shooter and arguably the most important thing when playing competitively as well.

* They are secretly allowing non-shooters to catch up in skill to shooter genre fans, or trying to make that happen or give them some room to adjust their game and to get used to others.

* This is a long term investment by Nintendo, and they want to ease as many fans into as possible.

So yea some of us who have done really well on other shooters, may need to have some patience and realize this game is for EVERYONE, not just MLG gamers.

WizzroSupreme1202d ago

Splatoon could sure use more maps like this.

ZeekQuattro1202d ago

Of course they do this just when I was thinking about taking a break from the game. Not since Hyrule Warriors have I been this addicted to a game. Oh well. Bring it on. lol

MSBAUSTX1202d ago

Same here. I actually played a bunch of HW the other day. I still havent finished all the DLC in that game. Maybe by 2016 when LOZ releases I will be done with it lol.

ZeekQuattro1202d ago

Lol. Nice. I have yet to beat all the DLC as well despite all the time I put into it. It will be a miracle if either one of us beats everything in time for Zelda U. haha Heck I need to go back and beat Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii before the next one come outs.