Review: Massive Chalice - a massive strategy game - Gaming Bouelvard

The guys of Gaming Boulevard deliver their review of Massive Chalice on Xbox One. It turns out to be a massive and complex strategy game worth your time.

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TheGreatGamer1290d ago

I'm pleasantly surprised with this game, a great addition to the Games with Gold program, hope more people give it a chance

3-4-51290d ago

Wanted to play this since it was announced but never got around to it, with the backlog I have.

It's free though so I'm definitely downloading it.

Love games of this style.

MilkMan1290d ago

I loved this game on my PC.
Glad others are getting a chance to play this very creative game. Glad I kickstarted it.
Now, back to Withcher 3 and Splatoon.

Tapani1289d ago

Out of curiousity, how is Splatoon?

I don't have a Wii U, but I kind of hope that Nintendo would finally become relevant in this gen.

MilkMan1289d ago

Its an excellent multiplayer game. Fun and fast. VERY accessible. Less emphasis on shooting each other and more on team play. For a first time effort they hit it out the park. Could use more maps, but I understand free DLC with more maps and modes are on the way.

PistolsAtDawn1289d ago

So far XBL has had less "free" games, but the quality is definitely much better. That seems to be a snapshot of this gen as a whole so far really. One company is going for numbers while the other is going for quality.