David Jaffe Explains Weapon Monetization in PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death; More Details Coming

Whenever there’s talk about a free to play game, questions on the business model are sure to follow. While we don’t know precisely how the upcoming PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death will be monetized, Director David Jaffe gave a bit more information about part of the model.

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Monolith1099d ago

Nickel and diming you in essence? Either way looks great. Can't wait to play. Big fan of arena shooter games with weapon pickups. Wish this wasn't free to play though. But I'll have to give this one a chance.

Dir_en_grey1099d ago

Wait this is a free to play game? Didn't know that.
And why the XBone tag?

Abriael1099d ago

Because I'm a dummy.

Well, that's for the Xbox One tag. The fact that the game is F2P isn't my fault.

Immorals1099d ago

Well I read this on my XBox one, so you're redeemed!

tinynuggins1099d ago

Why the xbox one tag? Kind of confusing.

MSBAUSTX1099d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Why did I click XB1 only to see an article on a PS4 exsclusive game? Oh thats right...N4G. NVM

Palitera1099d ago

What he said:
- Almost every weapon can be bought with real or ingame money.

What it means?
- An eternal grind in a game which progress flow is intentionally sabotaged by developers.

Otherwise they wouldn't sell even one weapon for real money. It is good to have almost everything available for ingame credits, but in reality it means the items will be too damn expensive in virtual coins.

Summary: More modern F2P digital garbage.

Will keep waiting for a proper full game.

Jaffe1099d ago

I get your frustration but I assure you this is not the goal of our business model. What we hope is that:

a- All Players will have a great, BALANCED, SKILL BASED time playing Drawn To Death whether you own all of the things we sell or none of them.

b- Players will be having a great, BALANCED, SKILL BASED time as they battle to earn virtual coins to buy stuff they want. While prices are not yet set the current plan is to make it a bit of a grind to earn enough virtual currency to purchase stuff. But again, the goal is that the game is great, BALANCED, SKILL BASED so that grind won't feel like a grind.

c- Some Players will AT TIMES feel the desire to spend real money not cause they have to to advance (never ever in this game) but cause they want something cool and they want it NOW.

d- The Players that do feel like reaching for their wallets will not feel taken advantage of given that our current hope (not set in stone) is to price weapons at 99 cents to buy AND allow you to rent weapons for even LESS money and that money applies to the purchase price and brings the purchase price DOWN.

This may still not satisfy you and I can appreciate that. Sadly then, our game may not be for you :(. BUT I assure you, we are not our to exploit Players and I take issue with you painting us as that kind of crew. But hell, that's how most f2p games are these days so who can blame you?!? Either way: thanks for letting me explain in more detail-


doritos1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

No matter how you sugar coat it, you are making a pay to win. Don't treat us like we're ignorant to this model.


Jaffe1099d ago

No idea how to reply to you Dorito (can you reply to a reply on here?) but it's clear you mind is made up no matter what I say. No idea how you get pay to win off the post I wrote but ah well, guess we won't see you in the game. Take care-


Ch1d0r11099d ago

Awesome, wish them the best and i hope they sell lots of copies. As a consumer i hate these practices and ill be staying far away from this game.

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