Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the Mic, With Its Nintendo World Championships 2015 Qualifiers

Following Nintendo's outline of its E3 plans last week, we got rather optimistic and hopeful about the Nintendo World Championships 2015, stating that the E3 event could be just the beginning. We cited the ongoing success of the truly global Pokémon tournaments as a potential blueprint, suggested that the Wii U could be the centrepiece in order to boost the system's popularity, and that Nintendo could do something special to promote the new system's games. Our argument was that this E3 event could be a launchpad for future global events that take in regional tournaments and utilise online resources - all of which should be possible with Nintendo's partnerships and current experience.

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N4g_null859d ago

Ok it is not as convenient. I get it. 8 locations. It's not using the wiiu oooook. I can understand these guy want the wiiu to be more popular but this is not an issue. Nintendo is getting ready for the future. It's not about one system it is about the games and the nintendo brand. This is just fan service and was not going to be a popularity boost for the wiiu but for nintendo like games.

The thing is if this is a success then the dena deal and the new nintendo account could lead to this championship happening even more.

More people have 3ds also so it is just more practical. E3 should still be pretty good. I have no idea why sony and ms doesn't do some thing like this at E3. They actually have an online trophy system and subscription gaming.

Dunban67859d ago

they should call it the "Nintendo a few cities in the US Championships"