I Have Over 300 Games on Steam and I'm Leaving It All Behind for GOG Galaxy

NDTV says: "I'm a PC gamer, and I've been suffering. Suffering because of poorly optimised but ostensibly high-end games like Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Suffering because of annoying, foul-mouthed kids in DOTA 2 and League of Legends. And suffering because of Steam. Yes, Steam."

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DonkeyDoner1007d ago

welcome to No DRM heaven!!

3-4-51006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

You spent money on 300 games to not play them.

And then your bragging about your bonehead move ?

Uhh arrogant much ?

* I've always been a PC gamer and I love having the physical copy of a game complete with box & instructions, but STEAM is just very easy to use.

I'm in a game within a minute without any hassle, and well since my computer is always connected to the internet, it kind of makes sense.

* DRM free is obviously nice, but to abandon 300 games just to prove a point is foolish.

Bragging about wasting money on 300 games....that you aren't going to play...

Must be nice.

GoG is awesome though.

* Example:

"Hey I bought 4 cars but abandoned them on the side of the road when I ran out of gas.

I wanted to be able to drive them and not be restricted by gas.

I'm going electric...who cares that I wasted $120,000"

kma2k1005d ago

the whole thing just read like a advertisement for GOG

Azzanation1005d ago

I have over 500+ games on Steam and Steam is going no-where. Superior service, fun activities, bigger community, the possibility of the next Valve game etc.

Enjoy GoG but im staying.

Razputin1005d ago

"possibility of the next Valve game etc."

Really, Valve hasn't made a game in over a decade, they've completely outsourced all of their games.

I have 1600 games on Steam a lot of them AAA titles, and I will soon leave it as my primary source of games for GoG myself. Once their library can compete with Steam of course.

Remember GoG stands for Good Old Games. They were primarily Dos and really old games, and even with that they did a hell of a job. Its only been in the recent what 2-3 years they've actually added games from this millennium. Steam has been around over 11 years.

No online activation and all you have to do is download and use it whenever. Sounds perfect to me.

MrSwankSinatra1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

I'm not a PC gamer primarily, but I definitely support non-DRM games

someOnecalled1006d ago

same i dont see why we cant have options. option is the very definition of pc gaming. i doubt they get support from most of the industry seeing that most publisher love drm

SlapHappyJesus1006d ago

Just a bit more competition coming from GoG is all. I am still going to use all of the services to best suit my needs.
It's part of the reason I love PC gaming - multiple storefronts.

Tiqila1006d ago

I think the author did not intend to convince everyone to dump their steam accounts. Don't even think he will dump his own account with 300+ games.

The point is that there are a lot of things where you could consider steam being anti-consumer and which are improved upon by gog (no DRM, no forced client software).

If I had read that article two days ago, I would have bought the Witcher 3 on gog and not on steam. Will definitely have an eye on gog for my next game purchases.

ThanatosDMC1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Meh, some games wont support multiplayer. No thanks. Besides, why not have both? Exactly what WeAreLegion said above. Someone should post the "look at how many f***s i give" meme.

Best game i bought from GOG is a new copy of Torment.

Christopher1006d ago

Best game you could buy anywhere is a new copy of Torment.

Shineon1006d ago

I'm downloading the client right now :)

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