Five good reasons to play a bad video game today

Polygon:"As gamers, we're always talking about the next hot new video game that everybody loves ... but when was the last time you played a bad game?"

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Jalva1282d ago

I'd rather play an amusingly bad game like Rambo over a mind-numbingly boring game like The Order: 1886 any day.

DarkOcelet1282d ago

Ah Jalva, you always crack me up. If you think The Order 1886 is a bad game then you really haven't played a bad game.

Oh and btw Rambo is a $hitty game that isn't amusing at all. Believe me, thats one game you don't want to play. It makes ET on the Atari looks good.

SaveFerris1282d ago

I think ET has suffered enough. It just needs an HD remaster for Xbox One, PS4 and WiiU.

DarkOcelet1282d ago


I would play that.