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This is Darkamon here today to provide you with a review for one of the most needed accessories for the beloved PSVita. Team Hackinformer is proud to show off the L2/R2 grip for PSVita by the Japanese company Joetsu Electronics.

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ss4gogeta0691162d ago

This thing looks extremely ergonomic! Can't wait to get one and give it a whirl on Final Fantasy 8!!

Neonridr1162d ago

wait so it only supports the newer slim model? Well that's dumb.. all of us people with the launch version are SOL for now I guess.. LOL

dcj05241162d ago

You gotta sacrifice for that beautiful OLED ;)

G3n3raL861162d ago

And a grip for OLED costs a fortune... Really need to get one.

ravens521162d ago

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long:) I kno he said if these sell well then they make one for us owners of the ogpsv. Hope it sells lol. Nice review.

darkamon1162d ago

Mr. Fujikawa said this is a try. If peoples ask for it, they gonna do a 1k ver

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Hackinformer1162d ago

I can't wait for this product as it going to make PS1 gaming so much easier and fun. Hopefully it does really good in sales so we can see it come to the West.

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