A Timely Tale

Player2 examines if there is such a thing as a game with too much content

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Footyspacecadet1322d ago

Great story, This is something that I always struggle with. I just wish I had the time that these massive games deserve.

Mapsman1322d ago

I'm kind of lucky in that I work shift work 4 days on 4 days off. It gives me good portions of time to play games.

I love more content. The more the better as far as I am concerned but I can see the problem for a lot of people.

Footyspacecadet1322d ago

Man I am jealous of that sort of time. I wish I could dedicate time to gaming like that.

Hewso1322d ago

I think it is certainly something Devs should consider as so much game time is sure to alienate some people.

Mapsman1322d ago

It is something they should think about for sure but is it something that they should change their game for? I don't know if they should change their vision for anything, just stay with what they want the game to be.