Project CARS exclusive PS4 gameplay: RUF in the rain

VVV: "While our last look at Project CARS on PS4 showcased the game's impressive wealth of racing classes and a chaotic bumper-to-bumper 43 car race, our latest look at Slightly Mad Studios' much-anticipated racing sim is comparatively simple, focusing on just one car and track.

In this extended time trial run, Alan discovers the simple driving pleasure of wrestling a RUF around a rain-soaked Le Mans Bugatti circuit, whilst discovering the refinements made to the ever-improving handling in recent builds as we approach the final retail version in just over two weeks time."

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kraenk121092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I had such high hopes for this..Just played it again yesterday and I'm sorry to say this...It looks great but simply isn't fun to play (with a controller. Wheel is ok). Classic example of too many cooks spoil the broth, especially if they take too long and everyone has got a different taste.

WickedLester1092d ago

Agreed. I think I'll stick with Driveclub and wait for Forza 6 and Gran Turismo 7. This game looks good but seems overly "clinical" if that makes sense.

kraenk121092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Clinical is the perfect description. It lacks soul which is supposedly obviously what happens if too many people have a say in one game.

:( Interesting social study though :)

Larry L1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I REALLY have to disagree with you guys here. To each their own of course, but for a console player and racing SIMULATION enthusiast.....specifically a huge GT fan....... I am TOTALLY loving what I'm seeing here. The biggest worry I had about this game was whether SMS could actually and FINALLY get their heads around making their racers actually playable with a controller. ANd as we've gotten closer to release, I've gotten more and more worried about that since they RARELY showed the console version, and when I did see the little bit of coverage gaming media gave PCars last year at E3 and I think GamesCom where SMS was showing off the PS4 builds playable with a controller, you could totally see they still didn't get to adjusting controller inputs. It still looked exactly like Shift/2 where you could just never get the car going straight, like you're driving an aquarium with tons of water sloshing about inside. Horrible. (at least the magnetic barriers were gone from Shift.

This video shows that not only did they finally "get it", but they went for exactly what I've said they should do if they want to be successful......emulate Gran Turismo's controller input....because it's perfect and this video seems to be showiing PCars now handling with a controller very similarly to GT. This video solidified my purchase. Gonna pre-order when I get paid Friday.

How any GT, Forza or Sim racing fan in general could talk bad about this game is beyond me at this point. Regardless of being a huge fanboy of those (which I proudly admit to being a GT fanboy), how can you not be excited to see another dev besides PD or T10 not only enter the true "SIM" sub-genre of racing, but to be at least giving it their damnedest shot at competeing for the top spot on PC's and to even dethrone GT on consoles.

Now obviously PCars isn't trumping GT in terms of vehichle content. No1 would suggest that. PCars has a tiny car roster compared to even Forza. terms of tracks, PCars has even GT6 beat, and they're all real world tracks. And in terms of's tough for me to say this as a GT fanboy, but even with the huge advancements GT6 made in physics, PCars trumps GT pretty soundly.....and speaking of sound.....well, I won't bother. And also unlike GT or Forza, there's an actual career/campaign.

Regardless of console or franchise alleigence, racing fans should be supporting this game imo. If nothing else, it's an amazing hold over to GT7, which I'm sorry to say GT fans, but it's not coming out on PS4 for a LONG time. I had my fingers crossed for a PS4 GT fairly soon, but no. GT academy just started and it's on PS3. If anything were even close on PS4, GTA2015 would have been a PS4 demo just like they did with GT5 and 6.

Ferage1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Racing sims are not meant to be played with a controller, only arcade games like Driveclub. I think this is the best race sim and enjoy it alot with my g27 wheel. Playing it with a controller would be so boring.

Larry L1092d ago

SHUT UP!!!!!!

Thanks for reminding me of the utter BS and my one disappointment with this game (though it's not the dev's fault). That I can't use my G27 or hell, even my DFGT on this game. Damn Logitech!! What were they thinking in not allowing their hardware to be used on new consoles because they're "getting out of the console hardware business". SO WHAT?!?! WHy disallow existing hardware?! STUPID!!

gameboy11092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

On ps4 everyone says gameplay doesn't excite stick with DriveClub....

DriveClub is a blast..

EazyC1092d ago

Large scale motorsport racing, been waiting since TOCA.

weirdo1092d ago

this actually looks fantastic. had a few reservations before, but it's looking sweet

G_V_Black1092d ago

May be that it's time to rethink my stance regarding PS4 wheel purchase. Really wish that Sony had taken the same open approach to wheel compatibility that they did with the PS3.

sizeofyou1092d ago

I hate my Thrustmaster. Cheap and nasty compared to my Logitech. If you're replacing but have a PS3 or compatible machine, you may regret it. If it's only for a PS4 then there's no choice... :(

Larry L1092d ago

Sony does still have an open peripheral policy. Little has changed in that. Logitech is the reason Logitech peripherals don't work on PS4. They will not allow their drivers on new consoles for whatever reason. I'm really hoping they change their stance soon. It's probably tough for a little company like SMS to bend a giant like Logitech. But once a GT is close on PS4 I almost guarantee Logitech has a change of heart and will probably even make a new GT branded wheel.