What Could Be The Future Of EA Access?

IM PLAYIN discuss the possible future of EA Access.

"I’ve been using EA Access for the past few weeks now, and I couldn’t be more happy with the service. It has given me the opportunity to try some great games before their release, like Battlefield: Hardline, and it has also encouraged me to try some games that I wouldn’t normally play, like UFC, Madden 15 and NBA 15. That’s without mentioning titles like Peggle 2, Need4Speed and Plants vs Zombies. These are all games that I, at one point or another, have thought about purchasing and playing, but my pesky budget always gets in the way. But, with EA Access, I can pay £20 a year for the privilege of playing these great games in the ‘Vault’ without extra charge, as well as get some great discounts and early access to new releases. Win-win!"

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Bigpappy1207d ago

We told you this long ago. Where were you. EA access is going to win over more and more users and even find its way on PS4 eventually. They will also be other publishers offering this option to their fan base. Its a great way to offer tremendous value and at the same time make predictable profit on game they would normally move on from.

Hopefully the vault can continue through future console generations.

Rob Hornecker1207d ago

At 1st I didn't think this would work out,but it seems to be gaining a strong following. The only part that I don't like is that you have to use a credit card and not a MS points card for access.

It would be nice to see Ubisoft do this, With Rainbow 6 and the division coming out this year and a HUGE back catalog ( ghost recon/GRAW come to mind ) I would sign up in a heart beat!