Recreate WrestleMania 31 Highs By Picking Up WWE 2K15 For Only $31

2K Games and Amazon have teamed up to discount WWE 2K15 on both PS4 and Xbox One – as well as both last-gen consoles – for 31 hours only.

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abuirfan20131208d ago

This is a new game that they are built on a new engine from the ground up. I hope that many things will be cut. Think of this game as the basis of the WWE games on the new console. On the whole plot of this game is very exciting and thrilling. A game that you can try right now

AngelicIceDiamond1207d ago

Sting should of won against Triple H.

Xman2K1207d ago

Yeah another wcw star used to put over the wwe. Every single wcw main eventer seemed to be used like trash in wwe, that's why there was hope for the videogames, but looks like wwe doesn't want that in the game either

jackanderson19851207d ago

neither needed a win, was a good match but HHH always taking the win once it started with the whole "WCW vs WWE" angle.... Vince was never going to let a WCW guy look better than one of his own that helped make the attitude era.... it'd be the same for a Taker Sting match... though don't think taker has another year in him so doubt sting will be back unless they do it at summerslam... thought his match against wyatt was poor

ABBAJESUS1207d ago

Under 20$ i would consider.

warrior821206d ago

get the wrestlemania edition..the game and entire dlc for 59.99 on better deal than that!