Valve’s Steam Machine is a great idea aimed at no one

MWEB GameZone writes: "When Valve first mooted the idea of the Steam Machine, I think most people agreed it was a great idea. Even now, over two years since the concept came to light, it remains a great idea.

Pity it won’t work."

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plut0nash1199d ago

It's still A PC with a Linux OS on it. Consoles have their own unique software that doesn't run on 99.999999% of PCs.

I want proof that the concept works, then I'll consider it.

lord zaid1199d ago

Im sure it works just fine. Look basically its just enough of an OS to access the Steam client and then to operate the games. But then there is the other issue of how many games it will actually support, which isn't addressed in the article.

But yeah, the biggest problem is still the complexity. What exactly is a Steam Machine? Can a salesman explain it to clueless customer in less than 5 minutes? I dont think so

freshslicepizza1198d ago

who is willing to sell the hardware with little to no profit or below cost? that is what console makers are willing to do to gain your business with the hopes you buy peripherals, online subscriptions and games.

you do not have this unity on steam machines. is valve willing to share profits with the hardware makers? so what other benefit do these machines provide to consumers other than what is already out there? you can buy pc's already built and you can also make your own. you don't need windows installed either if you want to save $100.

i honestly don't get what valve is trying to market other than putting a new paintjob on existing products and trying to streamline them as easy to use gaming pc's. i'm just going to buy the steamcontroller for $50, i have no use for the steam machines.

JsonHenry1199d ago

There are a lot of games that support SteamOS and growing. Does it work? The answer is yes. You can download SteamOS for free, right now, and put it on your existing PC. You can also play games made with SteamOS support on your current PC as well.

I can't explain who would buy a steam machine when you've already got a gaming rig. But if I was in the market for a console I would certainly purchase one.

It does all of the auto-updating, driver updating, etc. for you just like a regular console does. The games are typically cheaper, the back catalog on release is HUGE compared to what the console launched with, you never have to worry about backwards comparability, AND- you can do with it whatever you want. You want to upgrade it? do it! You want to install Windows OS on it and use it as much more than just a console? DO IT! If/when you buy a new "steam console" in the future your entire games collection moves with it and works. Want mods/steamworkshop? DONE!

The machine has a lot more uses than a console and from what I've seen come in much more powerful packages than current gen systems.

The biggest problem Valve has will be telling people all of these things (while still proving it is as carefree in operation as a console) and coming up with exclusives strong enough to sell it to people.

s45gr321198d ago

The Steam Machines are the android of gaming. Valve is an open corporation that allows gamers to manage the Steam Gaming Service. From letting gamers curate the store, be the gatekeepers of Steam through early access, be the publishers (needs major re-working) for indie developers through early access.The console concept is a dying concept that only benefits a corporation not the gamer. With that in mind, Valve is endorsing several gaming OEM PCs, to make OEM manufacturers relevant again in the desktop space.

3-4-51198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I have Handheld + console + PC = I have no use for this.

It's just too limiting. That is the opposite of what people want.

* Why not just release a $100 device that connects via USB to ANY PC, and then you get instant STEAM Games.

* It should come with 10+ games, of which you choose from a list of which ones within a price range.

At that point though.....Why not just download steam to your PC.

plut0nash1196d ago

Yeah, I agree. It kind of defeats the original purpose of the Steambox. If I want a PC to play games on my TV I can build one up for less.

DesVader1199d ago

Read the article and it really seems that the Steam machines are coming out a little differently than people expected - I for one was expecting more of a console-equivalent but after reading the article, it seems more like a PC-varient with LOTS of varients....none of the simplicity I was expecting.

The_KELRaTH1198d ago

Yeah I was rather expecting a PC format console or drifting back to the earlier home games computers which while very flexible in running all kinds of software the branded computer (ie. Amiga) would be essentially the same in terms of CPU / GPU power in each home.

I would have thought essentially all Steam Machines had to be is more powerful than current consoles thereby offering the best visual & audio experience.

SteamPowered1198d ago

The cheapest Steam Machine comes in under $500 and still blows the doors off of Ps4/X1.
I'm personally going to invest in a Steam machine for when I travel. I hate leaving my steam library at home. Yes, i can and have built my pc, but finding a case that can house some power and yet be portable, isn't cheap.

s45gr321198d ago

The prices are horrible and the specs of the steam machines are cryptic, which is were Valve should fix immediately if it wants the steam machines to succeed forget the useless anticonsumer console concept.

SonZeRo1199d ago

I had a feeling this was going to happen.

Sgt_Slaughter1198d ago

Once Valve opened the market up for every manufacturer, this was 100% guaranteed to happen.

nikrel1198d ago

I can get my brother in law on PCs now rather than PS4, I have an option.

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