Rainbow 6 Siege Alpha to be a PC exclusive, Minimum Requirements Revealed

The Multiplayer Alpha for Rainbow 6 Siege has been confirmed to be a PC exclusive, the Minimum Requirements have also been revealed.

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PCGamingNoobs1195d ago


Best multiplayer shooter of all time, cant wait.

DarkOcelet1195d ago

I wouldnt get my hopes up friend. This is Ubisoft we are talking about here. They will find a way to screw this up.

PCGamingNoobs1195d ago

Yes, unfortunately i have suffered this before with the last ghost recon. still to this day i am not able to play the PC version i bought because it is just simply broken.

Hopefully they pull it together and get the good old feel of vegas, lockdown or black arrow even.

awi59511195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Guys if you want a rainbow 6 type game now. You guys should check out Insurgency on steam and Americas army proving grounds beta that one is free on steam. Great hardcore shooters reminds me of the old days of rainbow and recon you cant take much damage at all and takes skills and teamwork to win.

Summons751195d ago

That's disappointing. Hopefully they will do a beta for everyone. This game is really getting me excited seeing it's going back to it's roots, the RS6 I fell in love with. Vegas 1/2 were huge disappointments compared to the older titles, I'm just glad Ubisoft realized that. Same with Ghost Recon and the GRAW series, waaaay to different then drew from it's roots to make the far better Future Soldier.

re2_apocalypse1195d ago

Sorry to disagree with you; but I very much enjoyed GRAW 1 & 2 and both Vegas 1 & 2. I'm super excited for Siege to come out even though it might be quite different.

Clown_Syndr0me1195d ago

At first I read "rainbow 6 seize PC exclusive" and my heart nearly stopped lol.
This is my most anticipate game, haven't enjoyed an fps quite like RB6 Vegas since.
The first video shown last year was amazing.

awi59511195d ago

Try insurgency on steam you will love it if you like rainbow 6 games also try the free Americas army proving grounds beta on steam you will be playing for hours with a big grin on your face.

DonkeyDoner1195d ago

thank you alpha tester master race

Th3o1195d ago

U do know that the new consoles are pretty close to PC arch right? They even run modified PC operating systems.

Xbox one running modified Windows (with DX 11 and 12 soon) and PS4 a modified Linux Operating system.


awi59511194d ago

Yeah the consoles dont come close to my old 280x crossfire build. And with even the witcher 3 nerfing down things for console i dont know when i will have to upgrade.

ginsunuva1195d ago

NOooooooOoo I don't get to play an unfinished version of the game?

Let's start a petition then protest the game anyway!