Which of These 6 Destiny Players Are You?

Do you play Destiny? Then you'll know these 6 different gamer types you meet in Destiny. Which one are you?

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martinezjesus19931372d ago

I'm more of a collector myself, even though I couldnt care less about the exotic armor. I do go for all the raid weapons and exotic weapons. That damn Gjhallahorn, Fatebringer, and Suros Regime is all I need.

LeoDDestroyer1372d ago

The fatebringer is all I'm missing from that list.

Rimeskeem1372d ago

Where the one that doesnt play the game anymore?

cr33ping_death1372d ago

Do believe that one is the Troll...yes the Troll.

JustInTlME1371d ago

Doesn't play anymore implies you are no longer a Destiny player. You kind of answered your own sarcastic response. 😀


If anything I was a lonewolf/collector.

caseh1372d ago

Same for me, I never got past the lone wolf phase though and quit after a month.

kayoss1371d ago

Lonewolf and human shield.
It seems like when I go into strikes, the hives goes after me. When i die my so call fireteam would never revive me.

ThatOneRiggaNob1372d ago

I'm the player who can't stand people trying to do Crota hard mode without heavy ammo.

SouljAx3601372d ago

I used to be an End Game player. But now I really don't match any of those descriptions. I'm like a combination of Noob and Sherpa. I am.. a Noopa.

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The story is too old to be commented.