Has Fun Taken a Back Seat in Modern Games?

Mike Potts breaks down the current state of games and their respective levels of "fun". Has one of our favorite pastimes turned into more of a chore?

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Jimboms1276d ago

Yeah, I agree that the fun has been takne out of a lot of games. However, in it's place I've seen a lot of great stuff. But at the end of the day, I think I enjoy the fun games from the Nintendo days the most, the fun was there where it's not anymore.

bennissimo1276d ago

I think that the obsessions with graphics, graphical parity, and perceived corporate shenanigans have infiltrated the development process. When the devs are worried about reviews in a climate of idiots only focusing on the game's framerate and native resolution, the innovation and gameplay they should be focusing on primarily becomes less of a priority.

DeusEx-Machina1276d ago

State of the industry in a nutshell.

3-4-51276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

* The people making the games are just that....they are just the ones doing it, doesn't mean they are good at it.

* If only two people in the world could shoot a basketball, then one would be the best. Even if he/she wasn't that good....there would be no other competition.

* MORE FANS have good ideas for games, than actual developers.

* The people making games are like the builders who know how to lay the foundation.

You really want THAT person designing your interior as well ?

You end up with goblins and trolls over and over again....

* The video games industry REFUSES to hire Ideas people who do nothing but come up with good ideas for the developers to put into the game.

* The ones who code and what not end up wanting to come up with ideas, but those ideas are never fun to play.

It's like they don't think it through.....they are too into what " they" think is fun, and it turns out maybe only 10,000 other people thought it was fun as well, and another 200,000 were tricked into buying it because they thought it was something other than what it really was.

* I've forgotten more good ideas than half the games ever made, and I KNOW there are millions of other gamers out there just like me with GREAT ideas, that will NEVER see the light of day.

* They keep giving us a coffee maker on christmas, but this time it brews 10 cups and it's blue instead of brewing 5 cups and red.

* Nintendo is one of the few companies still focusing on the FUN aspect of games.

* All the whiners keep saying their games are for "kids", but their games are for people who want to have fun.

* Sick of these " walk here...hit this....walk there...hit B...hide behind that...shoot this...walk here...ect...."

shocked6861276d ago

I guess it really comes down to the type of gamer that you are. I love Mario Kart as much as the next guy, but I've also been absolutely loving Dragon Age Inquisition (more so than any other game for awhile). It's a different kind of fun for sure, but any game that gives you a world to explore and has complexity beyond hack and slash really gets my attention. Witcher comes to mind. So I don't konw, comparing Dragon Age to Mario Kart a little like comparing Just Dance to Resident Evil, but I get what you're saying. Sometimes you just need that ol' Nintendo fun.

levian1276d ago

That's a very good comparison I think. A lot of people go on about how Nintendo games are the only fun ones, and how GRITTY REALISM is so bad, boring and bland.

Well, there are different kinds of fun, not just differences in opinion between people, but one person can have fun with completely different things.

The comparison of Nintendo games to Just Dance, or Guitar Hero, DDR, or what ever else is quite apt. They have their own appeal, and are a very specific kind of fun.

Would the kind of person who *only* likes these types of games enjoy, say, Fallout? In comparison it is a much slower paced game, very grey and brown, and plays completely differently. But that doesn't mean Guitar Hero is fun and Fallout isn't. They each have their own appeal for different reasons, and both may be fun to the same person.

jholden32491276d ago

Agreed. I'm a HUGE Nintendo gamer, but, I also appreciate games like Dragon Age Inquisition and the like.

Beat Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4 and still had a lot to explore, even after 80 hours, but I'm a huge Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter fan, and I've been sucked into those lately. Still, Dragon Age was an excellent game.

I do think though that a good 75% of the AAA games available today are dull, uninspired and lack any form of actual fun, addicting gameplay hook. Which is why I game Nintendo cause their games are FUN. But even though it's a small percentage, AAA games are getting better and there are still a good many to choose from that are worth their salt.

MilkMan1276d ago

Not if you are a Nintendo fan. Go get a WiiU and tell me if fun is back on the menu.

shocked6861276d ago

I believe that's what he's talking about in the article. He loves him some Mario Kart.

ChouDa1276d ago

I've had an Xbox One for a bit and have just recently picked up a WiiU.

I'll be honest... whenever I get home from work and am in the mood for fun... I watch porn.

BUT AFTER THAT... I always pick up the Wii U.

NukaCola1276d ago

Pure "fun" is still in many games, but the gameplay and entertainment of playing is not restricted anymore with ever advancing technology and ideas

TLOU is an example of a game that is enjoyable to play, but it's not trying to be "fun" at all. It is all about that emotional journey and the realistic ideal that this is what life is like in this reality.

Uncharted is more light hearted. Even with the stresses that come with it, I would call that a game of pure fun.

Darth Gamer1276d ago

Agreed. I've been gaming for over 35 years and seen it all. I still enjoy playing games today as much as back then. Technology has advanced and so has the gameplay. So, what we experience and how we experience it is going to be miles apart from then to now. Just because a game is not all laughter and giggles does not make it any less "fun". Just a different experience. If we were not having "fun", why the hell would we play these damn things, right.

levian1276d ago

This is it basically.

I play my Wii U pretty much for Smash Bros exclusively. It's fun as hell! I'll be playing with some friends and we'll usually all end up laughing our asses off when we do stupid stuff, or we'll all be super impressed when someone pulls off an awesome combo.

But I have just as much "fun" if not more with games like Fallout, or the TES games. Nobody can tell me that Dragon's Dogma, or Shadow of the Colossus aren't fun.

They all have their own appeal, and "fun" doesn't just mean you're laughing with friends. I find that is something these people who complain about games being "brown, grey, gritty, and realistic" fail to understand. I don't need bright, shiny, ultra-colourful games full of laughter to have fun. Sure, they *can* be fun, and a lot of them are. But it doesn't mean other games aren't fun either.

jholden32491276d ago

Maybe not all games provide fun, but they all entertain. Right?

skeeter22751276d ago

Yep, you here about resolution and framerate before anything else.

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