HoloLens vs Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus: differences between alternate realities

Microsoft's HoloLens offers something radically different from Oculus VR and Sony. Who has the best chance to win the battle for our future alternate reality?

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lelo2play1249d ago

Out of the three, HoloLens looks like the most interesting and promising... but it's all going to depend on the software made for the devices.

Angeljuice1249d ago

HoloLens has more real-world advantages (business and commercial advantages), but is very limited with regards to gaming. For gameplay advantages, VR is way more interesting.

Death1249d ago

I disagree. The whole premise behind VR is to create a virtual world. AR takes the existing world and adds to it. There will be some worlds that can only be created in VR. Processing an entire world and characters is a much more daunting task then processing characters in the existing world. Using AR in your home will be much more limiting than using AR in an environment made for AR.

I hate using Pokémon as an example, but playing in VR would require a VR arena, a VR player, and of course all of the characters used in VR. If you want to add cards, those need created too.

Now try it in AR. You need an open room, depending on how this tech actually works, the bigger the area, the bigger the holo characters can be. You still see yourself so that means the player and environment don't need created. Players can have real collectible cards that can be played via Kinect and a QR code. Holographs can be used to alter the players surroundings too.

Both VR and AR will have their strengths and weakness, but I am more interested in AR which will use much less processing power and have less restrictions. It all comes down to how devs use the tech.

uptownsoul1249d ago

All Project Morpheus needs is a front facing camera and then it can do BOTH VR & AR

BC_Master_Haze1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

2 front facing cameras actually, or the tech behind hololens wouldn't work. Even then they wouldn't be high enough quality without driving the cost up a lot, it wouldn't really work well at all :P nothing looks more real than our eyes.

aerisbueller1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

"HoloLens looks like the most interesting and promising"

translation: "I own an XBox One"

HoloLens looks cool as hell, and I will get one for Windows, but I will certainly get an Oculus first.

Spid3r61249d ago

VR is limited for real world applications since you are enclosed and are unable to do anything else with it besides gaming and entertainment, that equals less sales wich equals less support....AR will have many uses and will be adopted much quicker if at the right price point. All have different experience and all are intriguing.

lelo2play1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


I own a PC and PS4. Probably get later on a X1. Happy now?

VR has been out for such a long time, nobody has got it right. Until someone gets it right, I'm not hyped for VR.
Augmented Reality (AR) is at least something different... witch doesn't mean Microsoft will automaticly get it right.

BC_Master_Haze1244d ago

So you're saying you already know that Microsoft got AR right? Just like they got kinect right? Until I see it, no one has "got it right", and believe me, oculus has "got it right".

Fatal-Aim1249d ago

HoloLens vs Morpheus

Is this even a contest? All Sony would have to do is add a camera to the front of Morpheus and this alone would allow the head mount to do AR in a full 360 degrees. If you used the Vita's rear camera, you'll know what i'm talking about. Now, if you used the PSeye for the PS3, this steps the notch up even more when you use it in Wonder Book: book of spells, book of potions, nightcrawler, and walking with dinosaurs or even eye pet.

You don't need cards to make a lot of the features work, but when you do, they work pretty well. Since the PS4 camera is more advance as well as the system, you can make more happen in the AR world -- especially with an AR/VR head mount combo. With this combo, you can merge BOTH WORLDS similar to wonder book:walking with dinosaurs but far more compkex.

Dewitt1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

This is not even close to the same thing, also the retail model will be wireless and have self contained hardware, good luck having the morpheus capable of doing all that. Also, it is already compatible with a mouse/keyboard so the potential is limitless.


"When I walk towards a nearby desk with a computer, I notice that that Martian landscape disappears beneath it, rather than projecting over it; users can designate areas where they don’t want holograms to appear, which is especially useful if you want to interact with the holograms using a computer. They encourage me to hold the mouse, and when I move the cursor off the screen, it appears suddenly within the holograph as though the Martian landscape has become an extension of my desktop."

BC_Master_Haze1244d ago

Jesus, do you not know how AR works? You realize it reads the environment as a 3D area, it would need 2 cameras, like kinect and the PS4 camera, and having cameras of such quality which would make the world around you realistic would double costs easily. There's a difference between the cameras used for scanning environments and those used for protecting environments, the image quality is much different.

SniperControl1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

HoloLens is Augmented Reality(AR), Rift and Morpheus are Virtual Reality(VR), there's the difference, this is a pointless comparison as they are different technologies.

MasterCornholio1249d ago

I agree. They really cant be compared to each other because they VR and AR have different objectives.

VR is all about placing you in a virtual environment while AR focuses on adding virtual objects to our current environment.

Volkama1249d ago

But one of the tech demonstrations placed the user on the surface of Mars, so there is definitely some overlap and they can be compared in that context

beans1249d ago

Yeah it's silly to compare the two. I do wish MS would have entered the VR world but surely they have reason not to yet. This AR is much better than they illumniroom stuff they were showing awhile back. I'm all for holograms and can see this working with movies for a true connection with the screen as well as live phone calls star wars style.

SaveFerris1249d ago

Could AR be used as shown in the Minority Report movie? There was the scene where Tom Cruise is using gloves to flip through footage, or where he is watching the memories of his family projected on a wall in his home.

falviousuk1249d ago

Or have a completely empty room, all in white and put on the glasses for a full immersive experience. Just don't walk into the walls.

Can see something like this for next gen arcades.

Play doom or COD wearing something like this in a room with no furniture

Svinya1249d ago

That's exactly what AR is. Yes, you could do the same.

ScorpiusX1249d ago

I am an Xbox one & a PC owner so am going with Hololens. Due to the fact those two devices will be more accommodating to Hololens.

Fishy Fingers1249d ago

Hololens is a standalone unit. It doesn't require a PC (or XB1).

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