Xenoblade Chronicles Finally Getting the Audience it Deserves

CheatCC says - "Xenoblade Chronicles is a good game. This is an accepted fact. People who were lucky enough to get a copy from GameStop have firsthand proof. Those who weren't so lucky, or perhaps even skipped the Wii last console generation, even agree that it is the kind of title that defines a system. It is one of those rare games that someone may actually grab a console for. Now, in 2015, it is finally going to get its due."

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DarkOcelet1275d ago

I really hope it sells well, as much as awesome games the WII U have, its a shame it not selling well. Xenablade X looks ambitious and huge with awesome mechs. Hopefully this and Zelda U push the sales.

vishmarx1275d ago

so i replayed the game and just finshed it 2 days ago.
my evaluation.
visuals -8/10 hasnt aged well but world design is breath taking
sound 9.5/10- pretty much amazing soundtrack throughout.only complaint is the best tracks are used to little .
lasting appeal-8.5/10 30-40 hours story with tons of side content,granted a lot of it is simply simply fetch quests.
gameplay-6.5/10 combat is the major drawback.actually 7.5/10
+1 for the intuitiveness.not sure where to put includes things like auto-heal,fast travel,etc.these things take away a lot of annoyance of traditional jrpgs.
i could go into details about the combat but itd take way to much me if interested
overall 8.5/10 .excellent yet flawed(and a 'bit' overrated0

Concertoine1275d ago

Within the context of 99% of JRPG's released since FFX, it is a lot more impressive just to experience a game that actually tries to push the genre.

The only other JRPGs from recent years i like is Persona 4 and Fire Emblem...

BellePelouse1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


Have you tried Ni no kuni? Its the only one I have liked since Golden Sun!

Big_Game_Hunters1275d ago

Send me a PM about the gameplay

Big_Game_Hunters1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I won't argue about your personal gripes with the gameplay as i can't change your opinion. But i will say that you are wrong about being limited to one playstyle and that every character has only one viable way to play them/one viable party. My party was #7, dunban and shulk all with haste/ double attack/ def down gems(no ryen that you say is a must) i wouldn't need a healer or a tank because i built my party around killing enemies before they killed me,i would experiment with different characters often though. Earth +ice+ copy or flare melia>> the melia you stated. Also what you said about levels, you need to build the right party to take on higher level monsters. Thats why there is a secret lvl 120 boss and an exploit to kill a high lvl monster early that will boost you to level 30 from like 14.

i agree that the AI need work
Player controlled melia =god tier
AI controlled melia =shit tier
Also armor and weapon sets were pretty weak.

It looks like X is covering all those bases though. There is now an AI command option. and in the DEMO there were more unique weapons than in xenoblade lol. Also now there are over 50 arts from different classes to mix and match on the MC alone so you shouldn't feel like there are no options.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1275d ago

Yeah, I think there's a lot of people that are really in-the-dark about some of the games that hit the Wii.
They don't know what they missed out on, tbh.
So any re-release that sheds some light on these Wii games, to give them some better recognition, is a good thing in my book.

Now I feel like continuing my Xenoblade file.XD

kakashi811275d ago

I'll be pre ordering this.

maniacmayhem1275d ago

This is going to be the JRPG of the year. I've been ready for this game since the WiiU released.

I really hope it does well and also move a lot more WiiU's in the process.

TheConTROLLer691275d ago

So is coming to the PS4 then?

Kevlar0091275d ago

You get Final Fantasy 15 instead

dboyman1275d ago

Considering how Square Enix track record has been Xenoblade would have been better. Too bad its exclusive. Good news is I have a WiiU so would get...

MasterCornholio1275d ago

I would rather play Persona instead.


Can't wait for Persona 5.

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