Inquisition getting Skyrim-like MOD creation tools

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "Dragon Age: Inquisitionlooks like it is getting MODs after all. The end goal being that of a Skyrim-like MOD Creation Toolkit for gamers across the globe to make their own adventures, graphical enhancements, armors and more.

Here are all the details so far."

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Sillicur1445d ago

Whooo hooo finally! Im already done with the game, this will get me back into it!

CptEccentric1445d ago

Gonna be awesome, hopefully EA doesnt stop the game from being modded in SP, they can do so in MP though, i fully understand if they decide to.

NuggetsOfGod1445d ago

Pc ah the sweet taste of freedom with awsome sauce.

CptEccentric1445d ago

That is probably the best way to describe PC gaming i have ever seen, except for "Awesome wrapped in win"

joab7771445d ago

This is great b/c the possibilities are limitless. They crafted such an amazing world.

I may almost prefer very large well designed areas over 1 big area simply b/c you can make anything from stormy seas to deserts to lush jungles. Arbor Wilds was stunning.

Also, it cuts out some needless travel to make visiting such contrasting locale a bit less tedious.

My GotY hands down.

Zaphire1445d ago

Playing modded games is like playing entirely new games :)

CptEccentric1445d ago

Exactly, it brings back so much interrest ! Thank you :)

Canary1445d ago

I always see comments like this, and I've been modding games for 20+ years... and I have no idea what you're talking about. Hyperbole I guess?

susanto12281445d ago

1st MOD on the list


it's 2014 you get a huge KEEP with not one dam place to put
your items...gee atleast we don't have to pay real money
to store our items or maybe they plan to sneak it in with DLC for cash....mods please hurry this game needs so much fixin

CptEccentric1445d ago

Indeed, that would really increase the enjoyability of the game for me !

thehobbyist1445d ago

And unlike Skyrim they aren't using this to try and disguise the lackluster base game! YAY!