Best In Show Twelve Years Running: The GameCube Controller

rustyshell: Nintendo's GameCube controller has become relevant again (for a third time) after 12 or so years on the market. That's a pretty great testament to the impeccable design and function of the best controller ever made.

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mikeslemonade1350d ago

Or just Nintendo's ability to make a proper controller. With a direct and objective comparison the DS, DS2, DS3, DS4, X1, 360 controllers are all better than the Gamecube controller overall. And I'd rather use the WiiU pro controller over the gamecube controller.

The controller just draws a lot fanfare because the triggers are "cool" and the face buttons have certain nice look appeal.

marloc_x1350d ago

And they are very easy to differentiate with different control schemes..

Jdoki1350d ago


The DS4 and XBox360 controllers are the only ones to come close to the GameCube's controller.

They all have their faults - but the GameCube controller is excellent.

FromTheAshes1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Yeah...I mean Nintendo can't design controllers at all! The competition clearly have had no influence from Nintendo's designs. /S

D-Pad - check. (NES)
Four face buttons - check. (SNES)
Shoulder buttons - check. (SNES)
Rumble - check. (N64)
Re-introducing the analog for 3D gaming - check. (N64)

OT: As with the N64 controller, the GameCube controller took some getting use to for me. Not bad otherwise.

Moonman1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Super Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime felt incredible with that controller. Haters will hate, but any real gamer knows the Cube controller was and STILL is on point.

Jdoki1350d ago

The GameCube controller is definitely one of my favourites. It's almost perfect.

The only thing I would change is the C-Stick to make it a little more FPS friendly.

Can't wait to get the adapter so I can use my old controllers on the Wii U.

deafdani1350d ago

I would change a few things:

1. C-Stick, like you said.

2. Make both sticks clickable.

3. Add another left shoulder button.

4. Improve the d-pad, which is... well, not great, by Nintendo's pretty high standards.

5. Make a new version of the Wavebird with a diferent wireless technology so they can't be sued over it, and add rumble.

Make all of these changes, and it would become a pretty amazing controller, up there with the PS4 and Xbox One controllers (which are both amazing too, for different reasons).

Anyway... I like the Wii U gamepad a lot. XD

jcnba281350d ago

Best. Controller. Ever.

Feels like a glove in hand.

BillytheBarbarian1350d ago

I didn't like the dpad and the c-stick. Sure you'll get used to it but meh.

The perfect controller would be a combo of Saturn's 3D pad and Dreamcast controller with Xbox analog sticks and layout. I guess if the 360 controller had a Sega dpad from from the Genesis /mega drive 6 button controller or Sega Saturn 3d pad dpad,both are made specifically for fighters, that would be it. I also don't know why they can't put alternate L and R triggers on the face so I can have my 6 button face layout. Doing difficult moves with triggers add to the frustration. Most people probably remap the fierce punch and kicks (street fighter example) to face buttons but that robs you of strategic weaker moves like slow fireballs or low dragon punches. Oh, and then try to hit all three kick buttons for a Super attack. Forget about it. Saturn/Genesis I never had to get used to anything. The response was perfection.

If you're not a big fan of fighters though the controllers out now are passable. I use a Sega pad USB for the bulk of my retro gaming.