Why We Need To Convince Non-Gamers To Give Games A Chance

When non-gamers complain that there's nothing for them in today's world of video games, we should consider listening. This opinion piece takes a look at some common complaints against gaming culture and suggests ways to improve the industry and the public perception of video games.

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Tankbusta401392d ago

The industry already did that with wii...

KimoNoir1392d ago

Why should us gamers care if anyone likes games or not?

Strakken1392d ago

Because games aren't just entertainment, they're the next evolution of media that is on the verge of being accepted as such. Just like when cinema was first introduced to the world.

HentaiMasterRace1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Wii was pretty much the only one to do that.

Joey_Leone1392d ago

Move these pathetic articles to VGchartz PLEASE.

SirDjss1392d ago

World domination wooooaaahhhaahahahaaaaaa. ;)