Destiny – Hard Level 33 Crota’s End Raid

According to Luke Smith, Crota’s End will start at Level 30 for normal raiding and according to Planet Destiny the hard Level for Crota’s End is Level 33. Players who have acces to The Dark Below DLC can start Raiding on December 9th.

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Fullmetalevolust1326d ago

haha I could never play it on hard.

DirtyMagician1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

The new level cap will be 32 though, so I don't see how this is right.

It seems logical to start the normal raid at 28 and the hard raid at 32. That would be the same 4 level gap like we have now and accommodates the new level cap.

ThatOneRiggaNob1325d ago

That's what I thought. Normal should've been 28 and 32 should've been hard. Seems way more logical that way. I also guess making the normal the previous max lvl makes the VoG all that more important too. So I see it from both sides I guess.

HeavenlySnipes1325d ago

The normal raid has been confirmed to start at level 30

Battlefieldlover1325d ago

@optimisticprime. Ummm, Luke smith,Bungie staff member.

JeffGUNZ1325d ago

It's a bad move from bungie. Instead of rewarding players for mastering the VoG, they make the hard mode for the next raid level 33. How is that even remotely fair when the highest players can get is to level 32.

GiggMan1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I can see the normal starting at 30. For some reason 33 for the hard raid just sounds stupid and is probably a rumor.

Every other event in destiny, nightfall,(28) heroic,(22 - 28) and VoG (28 & 30) are all even numbers.

The level cap now is 30 and so is the hard raid. I'm guessing the new hard raid would be the new level cap.

Seraphim1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

that was my logic..... though if they're making Light lvl Gear 32 more accessible then maybe. Even then it's tough beating the lvl 30 Vault @ 29 unless you have a squad of dam good players.... Regardless it seems illogical and it would be nice to see a set standard here regarding expansions and Raid lvls. Why go from a lvl Cap 30 w/ a lvl 26 and 30 Raid to what is suggested here? Guess with gear being more accessible they're comfortable everyone can hit lvl cap easily and a lvl 33 Raid will provide plenty challenge for Raid Parties until the House of Wolves?

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