Nintendo’s poor excuse for the West not getting the “New” 3DS this year.

Looking forward to purchasing a 3DS this Xmas? Hoping to get hold of one of these “New” 3DS announced not long back? Well you’re out of luck because they will not be coming to Western shores this side of Xmas. This of course is old news but last week Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata gave a fairly bullshit and quite frankly stupid reason for why European and Americans won’t be playing the latest hardware.

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Volkama1386d ago

It's an investor's meeting so they have to twist numbers to justify their decisions. Does sound like he had to get quite creative to explain why they are skipping Christmas.

3-4-51386d ago

uhhh not a poor excuse.

Japan is further along with the 3DS in terms of cycle.

EVERYONE there already bought one.

Therefore it would make most sense to have THEM, those who already have one, be the first to get the new device.

The buy more handhelds anyways, so they would take to the new product where as here in America we would just complain about it, because that is what we do.

Th4Freak1386d ago

Last time I checked, the Australian market wasn't even close to be as big as the US or UK market, yet they're getting it this year.

Knushwood Butt1385d ago

They've got a load of stock of the old 3DS, so need to dump it somewhere.

Hello western markets!!

The 10th Rider1386d ago

First off, this a guy on a gaming site commenting on a small quote about a business decision. I highly doubt he (or half the people that will comment here, me included) really has the know-how or qualifications to make assumptions like this.

Yeah, it stinks for gamers, but Nintendo is a business. Iwata is talking to investors here. If it was a stupid business move it'd be them who'd get upset about it.

Septic1386d ago

You need formal qualifications to make an assessment on a business decision? If that was the case, half the articles on this site would fizzle away. In fact, the author even critiques their logic by referencing Australia and quite rightly so.

We can only form a judgement based on what Ninty provide us. That however, doesn't preclude us from forming our opinion on it, simply because we don't have this mystical 'qualification' you're talking about.

Volkama1386d ago

I can write you a qualification. For a price.

Well come on, do you want your opinion to count or not??

Septic1386d ago

Yes name your price! I want my word to count for something on the internet! I'll have the same e-qualification Michael Patcher has so I dont need to worry about being consistently wrong about everything all the time!

The 10th Rider1386d ago

No, you don't. But Nintendo has far more insight to the operating of their business than some random guy on the web.

I do think it would be better for them to release it in the West this holiday season, but maybe time and resources were short and they had to pick and choose. In that case I, like Nintendo, would most certainly have chosen Japan.

Contrary to popular belief most companies do actually have smart people working for them. They generally have a good idea of what they're doing. Sometimes, they do as they deem fit and the consumers don't like it.

Honestly, we hardly have enough to go off of to determine exactly why it isn't hitting the West this year...He's just making a mountain out of a molehill.

Dunban671386d ago

The 10th Rider - it may not be a big deal to you - doesn t make it so for other consumers- I have no doubt Nintendo has smart people working there but it did not stop them from releasing the Wii U with few games and not understanding how to create HD software - considering games are their business and multiple companies had already documented the challenges of HD for years previous to the Wii U, the fact they were "surprised " by how difficult it was to develop in HD AFTER they released the Wii U is pretty stupid- My point is smart Compnaies w smart people male dumb decisions all the time

The 10th Rider1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )


Yup, I agree with you about companies making stupid decisions. My point is just that the article above is making a lot of stupid speculation off of one quote. We can't pretend to know much of anything as to why they did it right now. He says their reason is "fairly bullshit and quite frankly stupid". How does he know? Maybe they didn't have the resources for a worldwide release this year.

I won't deny that it stinks for consumers in the US and Europe...But sometimes companies make decisions that are good from a business perspective but bad from the consumer's eyes. Most everyday 3DS users in the US and Europe won't even bat a thought at the issue. The 3DS users that would will most likely buy the New 3DS either way.

Like I said, it may stink for the consumers, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

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Dunban671386d ago

The 10th Rider- as you said it "stinks for gamers"- Nintendo s business IS gamers. So that statement alone mLes you and others with the same perception "qualified" to discuss Iwata s decision.

I doubt too many stockholders and analyst are happy with Iwata s decision on a business level as well. IMO, it seems he is holding back some sales ammo till their next fiscal year after March 2015- They probably feel they have enough ammo to hit their sales and profit targets or close for this fiscal year but next year they have to start paying full manufacture cost for the Wii u unlike this year which will strain their profit goals. Although they will have more games to release ( we hope) in 2015 than this year- they won t be the big system Sellers like MK8 and Smash - so they are prob relying on sales from the Mew 3ds to help pick up the slack for next fiscal year

The 10th Rider1386d ago

But we still don't know the exact details. I agree it would be better for it to hit every territory before or during the holiday season...But I also think, as a business, Japan would be the higher priority. Maybe time and resources were short and they had to focus on getting it out in one territory before the Holiday season?

wynams1386d ago

This is pretty lame if true. Why would a struggling company not bring its eagerly awaited portable update to US shores for a tremendous bump in sales?

XXXL1386d ago

Because Nintendo hates money

Theyellowflash301386d ago

insecure? LOL over video games? No....

Keyboard warriors like yourself are insecure because I know good well you don't talk to people like that in real life.

So your name calling doesn't phaze me, it just shows how childish and immature random people are over the internet.

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Errefus1386d ago

well they have to save something for next year, i am assuming the new 3DS will be a spring release or summer in North America.

But they messed up not thanking advantage of the Holidays in north america, im guessing they want more wii u sales than 3ds for north america during the holidays.

SteamPowered1386d ago

Meh, If anything I just want this cycle of the "new' 3DS to be done with so Ninty can make an altogether new portable. Not just a tweaked 3DS. With the already sky-high adoption rate of the 3DS, one has to wonder why nintendo didnt sit on the 3DS for the interim rather than stutter-step to a new portable.

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