Alien: Isolation – Far Better In Theory Than It Is In Practice | IM PLAYIN

IM PLAYIN takes a look at Alien: Isolation, and discusses why it's a better game in theory than it is in practice.

"Isolation’s greatest achievement is its look. Visually, it is a stunning game. The graphics are crisp, the animations are fluid and everything from the explosions to the facial expressions of each character are incredibly realistic. On the Xbox One (which is the console that I’ve been playing it on) the power of the game and the resolution do cause one or two frame-rate drops, on odd occasions, but they are rare occurrences. That being said, the game looks so beautiful that I’m more than happy to suffer the occasional drop in frames. Possibly my favourite thing about the whole look of the game is that the developers have stuck with the original style of the 1970s ‘Alien’. What I mean by that is the entire game looks like the set of the 1970s film. I’m really pleased that they stuck with the 70s feel, mainly because it reminds me of the film that I fell in love with when I first watched it as a kid. When you combine the realistic characters, the feel of the 70s retro-space station and the stunning space walks / vistas, you get a recipe for an absolutely gorgeous game."

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