Nintendo developing QOL sleep sensor

Revealed during their Investor presentation today, the company’s first QOL product will be a device that attaches to or sits next to a bed and tracks sleep.

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JeffGrubb1511d ago

"You slept like shit. Now, you owe Tom Nook 3,000,000 Bells."

kewlrats1511d ago

I Dream of Game Jeannie.

Nevers0ft1510d ago

Terrible pun... Have a bubble! :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1511d ago

So if you have a nightmare, does it remove some coins from your club nintendo account?XD

Ark_1511d ago

Since a lot of thw QOL products on the market are not well-engineered or too expansive, I am very pleased with that development. I expect some quality for a reasonable price from Nintendo.

Give me some biofeedback training (pulse, skin conductance, EEG, HRV) and biofeedback games and I'll throw money at you, Nintendo.

mydyingparadiselost1510d ago

I have this weird feeling that it's just a box that whispers 'Buy a WiiU' during my REM sleep :P

ShiranaiJittai1510d ago

How do you not have more agrees? This comment is amazing.

It doesn't matter what company you prefer or loathe this comment rocks. Bubble up for you!

jamstorr861510d ago

you turn on your wii u to be greeted with the message 'It happened again...'

In any case, its an interesting move considering the Wii u has been gaining momentum thanks to its focus on its hardcore games, not its casual user core.

shaw981510d ago

From what I got from Iwata, they want to expand business besides games. Nintendo as we know is a games company and for the most part only a game company. But what would happen if the game market crashed? What would happen if something goes wrong at Nintendo. What Iwata said they are doing with this is something to fall back on. In a way a security thing to make sure if something goes wrong with there main business they can have something to help them. Because as of now, if video games die, so does Nintendo (or at least until they find another business) because right now they are only a games company.

jamstorr861510d ago

Suppose it would help avoid them doing a 'SEGA' but I dont think the video game market will ever disapear. the console market on the other hand...

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