Gamestop execs “very bullish” on reselling consoles’ used DLC

Last week, during the third annual GameStop Expo, executives at the nation's leading game-focused retailer met with Ars behind the expo's floor of playable game kiosks to detail their plans for life—and revenue—beyond the sale of physical video games.

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XBLSkull1545d ago

Lol, digital is the future whether people like it or not. Of course GameStop is resistant and would like to sell used DLC, because at least some people in that company realize their little used game cash cow before to long is going to completely crash and not exist. They were able to campaign against it this generation and unfortunately for the rest of us won, but it isn't going to happen again. Digital is coming whether GameStop likes it or not, and quite frankly, they don't get to be a part of that cash flow, which only benefits game development, FU, GameStop.

CaptainObvious8781545d ago

"...and unfortunately for the rest of us won..."

It amazes me how people can actually want to be violated by MS's draconian DRM.

3-4-51545d ago

ALL Digital, is NOT the future.

Just look at all the Ddos BS going around.

* All it takes is EVERYONE to be online, and one day, everything gets hacked or goes down.

From that^ point one, NOBODY is going to want all digital ever again.

* Physical copies are true gems now.

paradigmfellow1545d ago

I hate digital distribution of games. Especially streaming games.

rainslacker1544d ago

I'll stick with physical myself, because it will still be available.

I'm more a realist and know that I'll be dead before digital is 100%...heck even 50% ubiquitous enough to serve the entire gaming market.

The internet has been around for over 50 years now, and it still isn't available to a majority of the world. Even in urbanized areas, less than half the potential internet customers have speeds over 1Mb/s, and the infrastructure is way off from being able to handle it if even 50% of all potential customers were to get that speed, and that's not going to change anytime in the next 20 years since the last major upgrade to the infrastructure was just a few years ago. Don't expect anyone to drop billions of dollars to do it again in the next decade.

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fourthpersonview1545d ago

How would reselling of digital content be possible?

Hotabang1545d ago

transfer license, very easy

mhunterjr1545d ago

Allowing people to transfer licenses is easy. I just don't see any reason why publishers wouldn't want to handle it themselves instead of giving GameStop a cut.

hkgamer1545d ago

transfer license, could be a pain in the ass but if you used currency from psn wallet then that way would stop scam artists.

resseling licenses back to sony could also be a good idea, not saying you would get a good deal but better than nothing.

i bought deus ex human revolution on psn. played an hour or so and hated it. if i could atleast get 10-20% back from current market/purchase price then i would consider.

paradigmfellow1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Buy the physical copy then.

rulakir1545d ago

I wish games were made complete like they're supposed to be made instead of this dlc crap.

hkgamer1545d ago

the thing about digital content right now is that it provides no benefits to users unless you have a psp to vita situation.

digital version is more expensive, takes longer to download, i tend to get physical games before launch date. etc. if it gave more freedom to users on what they can do with their licenses after then more people would purchase from psn/xbl which means more profit for everyone. i dont mind paying £50 for a digital game and then sell it off when i know ive had enough with game back to sony for £10. a big loss for me but i dont really mind.

of if i was able to trade with someone else and then pay for a reactivation of license similar to how xbone drm was going to work.

anyway digital distribution of games needs to evolve.

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