Xbox One's Indie Exclusives List

While Sony got out to an early lead in recruiting indies to PS4, Microsoft has recently closed the gap with the success of its [email protected] self-publishing initiative. It's scored some big gets with Capy's Below and Playdead's Inside, among others. The Xbox One list of of home console exclusive indie games is becoming quite impressive. Here's a list of the upcoming Xbox One indie exclusives.

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Godmars2901553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The word "exclusive" needs to stop being used, unless its used with 1st party titles or honest exclusives.

[email protected] Death:
No. First party titles in general. Things like the Tomb Raider BS which have made the term a spoilsport maneuver if not wholly worthless.

Sony's become no better in using it, but MS is still the worst offender. Them possibly buying Minecraft just as its been put on everything short of smart watches says that.

Death1553d ago

Not to pick, but a first party "indie" is a technical impossibility.

1553d ago
Death1553d ago

Do I think it would be a blessing? I personally wouldn't care if they were gone, but I'm not sure I would label it a blessing. For every truly good "indie" that comes out, dozens more that are pure shovelware also release. There is no quality control and anything can hit the marketplace. Maybe if I didn't play many of these games that are hitting back in the 80's it would be more exciting. Typically we don't advance very much by going backwards.

The only thing pushing these indies so quickly is the very small investment and the potential for very high profit. The easy money sends the wrong message to both young and established developers looking to make a quick buck.

r2oB1552d ago

@ death

The same can be said for retail games. For every "truly good" game, dozens more are lackluster. Does that also mean retail games should disappear?

Death1552d ago


While it's true not every retail release is a triple A title, there are still standards set and money at stake. The incentive to make a game that can sell on it's own merits is much higher in a much more competitive market place. An indie can be complete garbage and make money since the development cost is next to nothing.

What troubles me more is the small studios creating games under the indie label that are more than capable of making a quality retail game, but choose to target the easy money that self publishing and low expectations create.

4Sh0w1552d ago

Indies are fine I just don't care for most of them, I'll take stuff like Below and Ori but excuse me for not getting excited for all these indie games announced that look like the shovelware I already refuse to play on my cell phone.

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Kayant1553d ago

Personally it's fine as long as it says something like "first to console", "console debut", "First on Xbox" etc which shows it's timed.

OT - Gameinformer missed quite a bit of games that are timed exclusives.

E.g. Smite, The Escapists, Superhot are all "Console debut" titles or Space Engineers which is exclusive for a year.

Great selection of games though. Cupcake, Inside look awesome.

Death1553d ago

The exclusive tag is used to make the games sound exclusive. If they said "exclsuive for 2 weeks, 30 day, 2 months" etc, the tag wouldn't hold much value. Many times like in the Tomb Raider announcement, the console holder helps fund a games development. In exchange the game is labeled as exclusive for an undetermined time frame. If you are looking for a console or own multiple consoles and want the game, the label exclusive or even timed exclusive makes the decision easier.

You can hate it all you want, but the exclusive badge is a marketing tool. I would think being well informed would take some of the sting away.

Godmars2901553d ago

The tag doesn't mean much when weeks or months down the line the game comes out on other platforms with either better performance or more content.

One of the main reasons the Xbox brand is worthless in Japan were the number of titles that came out on the 360, only to come out later on the PS3 with more content. The 360 became known as the "beta-test machine".

spicelicka1552d ago

Well you're definitely right but I don't think it's gonna stop anytime soon.

I'm sure you understand that MS or Sony aren't making these articles, its the journalists and fans. I rarely see MS or Sony making exclusive claims unless there are technicalities or loopholes, they wouldn't advertise tomb raider as "timed exclusive" because they have no reason to, it has not been confirmed for any other console. We can hypothesize and say it can easily come to ps4 later but why would MS ever say that unless it was officially announced for ps4 for a later date.

And when its confirmed to be timed exclusive like Cod DLC then they do mention "play on Xbox/ps4 first". I'm not defending either company but its mostly us, the fans, that abuse this term.

Grindlefly1553d ago

arrrgghhh the non exclusive exclusive argument AGAIN?!

Godmars290 totally agree with you

OllieBoy1552d ago

Below, Inside, and Cuphead look great.

But this list pales in comparison to what PS4 has coming. No Man's Sky, Hotline Miami 2, Binding of Isaac, The Witness, N++, Axiom Verge, Salt and Sanctuary, Galak-Z, Assault Android Cactus, etc.

DigitalRaptor1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

You're not wrong buddy.

I'm a huge fan of the indie movement from any platform, but Microsoft has nothing on this lineup. Your list is but a fraction, missing titles like RiME, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Dreamfall Chapters, Helldivers, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, WiLD, Source, Alienation, SOMA, The Tomorrow Children, Hollowpoint, The Talos Principle, Alone with You, Secret Ponchos, Shadow of the Beast, ABZU, Broforce, Apotheon, Not A Hero, Titan Souls and many many more.

2015 is looking ridiculous.

hello121552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Smite is coming to x box 1, a big deal to be first to have a game like this on console. Dota and league of legends are the other big two games of a similar genre.

Surprising i agree with Kayant [email protected] it's fine as long as it says something like "first to console", "console debut", "First on Xbox" etc which shows it's timed.

This is more honest and true.

reko1552d ago

so now indies are ok?

Artista 1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Ori and the blind forest.

That's all I want. Although, there are some interesting titles in there.

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