Fischer: Nintendo "working on solution" to Wii storage issue Write: Having ignited controversy with remarks he insists were a "joke", Nintendo's Laurent Fischer has moved to reassure customers on the issue of the Wii memory, confirming: "we're working on a solution".

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Alexander Roy3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I invite all the morons at Nintendo to make a field trip into the Wii's homebrew scene. Newsflash: We already have programs to use USB mass storage. As you can see, it IS possible.
They are as stupid as Sony was with the PSP.
The PSP CFW had different video formats way before the OFW had, now it's the same old song but with storage solutions.
Another example of hobby developers being one step ahead of the ones on the payroll.

Alexander Roy3834d ago

@ those who disagree:

Maybe not the best scene site, but good enough to get a glimpse. Look at the top stories and you will see a story about USB mass storage working due to hoembrew and being reported to work fine with for example 2.5" HDDs. Fact.
Besides, you are dumb. If you disagree, give a reason and correct me if needed. Get some knowledge, know the facts and then choose to agree or disagree, stupid fanboys/fangirls.
When Nintendo says a storage solutions is not needed, they lie. WiiWare games take up around 40MB now, which translates to not even 13 games.

ChickeyCantor3834d ago

...>_> Phantom Disagrees, you dont go against them. They will never reply XD

And people know 512 isnt much

N4g_null3834d ago

I knew this would work since the SD card worked. I think nintendo is in the process of trying to smash the hacks before a drive of any kind is supported. Update 3.3 breaks the TP hack and freeloader. All that is need is the driver for these drives. This is sweet though. Things are about to get interesting!

Payroll slows down every thing and PR and marketing can be real cry babies some times. Hacking has to be patched in order to move on though. Now that even home brew got it working it shows it's possible. Any data stream rates? This works with any external HD too huh? That/s way better than having to have to buy a drive also.

Well terabyte drive here I come!

Fishy Fingers3834d ago

@Alexander Roy (other zone)

While your correct regarding the Wii, the PSP is a different matter, to support a new video codec you (Sony) must license that codec (AKA pay for it) thats why Sony haven't updated it and CFW allow you to do it, illegally.

It not a case of Sony or Nintendo not being able to produce the same results as CFW's more a case of whether it's viable for them. Nintendo probably aim to make their own HDD like MS, that way they can charge the poor individuals an arm and a leg for a £20 HDD.

Alexander Roy3834d ago

I know that, of course they want to make money of it, kinda like back then with the SegaCD and 32x - if you want the better experience, you have to fork out money.
About the PSP: I didn't even mean the data formats (sure, you are right there), just the plain old resolutions. If CFW hadn't done it, we probably would still sit at 320x240 instead of the full 480x272 pixels. Yeah, it had to do with selling UMDs (better picture due to full resolution), but that was really about damn time.
My point was, they are just plain dumb when they haven't figured out the how-to yet. It has been done and it works. They won't use the things the free coders did, because obviously, that would make them laughable. My guess is that we will see an HDD as soon as the VC and WiiWare games fill up the common users space completely.
Besides, why are you in the open zone?

Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

ah with you know, the screen resolution is similar to that of the CPU clock speeds, you were able to set it to 333mhz using CFW years ago, where as Sony only just allowed developers access, I believe God Of War was the first.

While it seems confusing and down right out of order to us, these measures ensure a longer life for the product (screen res/overclock = better visuals).

For people like you, me and a lot of other it doesnt posse to much concern as we know, understand and dont fear the CFW scene, but the masses, well unless it comes from the producer they're scared to touch it.

(oh, and yeah, banned until Thursday and bubles removed. Oh well)

ChampIDC3834d ago

Rich people always have some kind of solution like that, don't they. Makes me think of the people that have multiple consoles just to network them instead of playing online.

Alexander Roy3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

True enough. People tend to only see the negatives about CFW and hacks, i.e. pirated games and the possibility of bricking. If they would educate themselves, they would see how much things the coders and homebrew developers already did.
Anyway, enjoy the open zone, there sure are some funny things here. In fact, most times I read the open zone first, just for ***** and giggles. Besides, if you feel like it, feed the trolls/crazy fans and see the effect snowballing to the point that they call each other's mom names. It should be renamed "Fun Zone", imo.

EDIT: Damn, was supposed to be a direct answer. Sorry for that.

Immortal Kaim3834d ago

I know this is a stupid question but is it possible to unlock the ability for the SD cards to be used as memory. Im aware you can download games/ect onto the SD cards, but is there a way to make it possible for the Wii to be able to read off the cards?

Could this be implemented with a simple firmware update?

Thanks in advance.

BrotherNick3834d ago

I think there's a big piracy issue if they open it up like that.

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