AMD Showcases Crysis 3 & Battlefield 4 Running On Laptops Via Cloud Gaming

AMD has released a new video, in which Alex Nataros, CEO of Leap Computing, explain the technologies behind cloud gaming and the benefits of what its solution brings to gamers everywhere.

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Godz Kastro1340d ago

Cloud based tech is the future. I wanna see what MS does in this category.

Ares84HU1340d ago

It is the future unfortunately. But I don't like it. It takes away our ownership of video games and it's bad news for collectors like myself.

bandit9051340d ago

same here I cant wait, its gonna be awesome

hello121340d ago

cloud gaming is the future. Sony fans will see the future on xb1 soon enough and the hate will diminish.

MrDead1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Cloud gaming is not exclusive to Xbox. There is nothing stopping Sony, Nintendo or any company from using this.

Ripsta7th1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Its not exclusive but MS and other parties seem to be the ones hard at work to perfect this new tech. Meaning when it finally takes off they will have the most experience
@Ares below- PS now is completely different to the Cloud computing MS is doing, as you guys have said many times


Im sorry, last time I checked PS4 and WiiU did not have the hardware for Cloud Computing on the same level MS does...? Xbox One has a Faster CPU, 4 Move Engines specifically for Cloud Computing and a fast 32mb ESRAM Cache for read/write and dumping dumping of data... Just saying

MrSec841340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

@GUTZ all of that is meaningless, all any platform needs to use cloud computing is an Ethernet connection or wifi.

This is proven by the fact that this guy isn't using an Xbox One for each of these games, he's using APU based laptops.

Even an APU isn't needed to use "the cloud", so yes Nintendo and Sony could use this if they want to.

I'd be interested to know how far away the servers are from those laptops.
If the servers are in the building I'd be laughing my backside off.

Even if MS managed to reduce the latency down to reasonable levels, there's still the issue of cost of servers and maintenance.
Keep in mind that multiple times the processing power of Xbox One, means multiple times the cost of an Xbox One's production costs, times that by the amount of people you need to provide external processing power for at high demand times.

Reality is that Microsoft will want to make money off of this, so Xbox Live Gold isn't going to cover the price of entry for customers, more than likely a subscription system will be needed for MS to make money and gamers won't want to pay more than they already have for the console and their yearly XBL sub fee.

dcbronco1340d ago

MrSec, Microsoft already has a cloud server system in place. It's called Azure. 800,000 servers spread throughout the world. And their division that contains Azure already has revenue of several billion dollars a year and was the biggest gainer in the cloud space last year (one of). So business' are already footing the bill. Gamers will be piggy backing on that. And trust me, business' pay a premium for these services. Though it is still a savings overall for them.

Also as far as an increase in cost to reproduce Xbox One power you're looking at that wrong. The latest AMD chips to come out that replaces the Jaguar cores with Puma cores are 40% faster, lower powered and use a slightly modified Jaguar core. They just made it more efficient and rebranded it. It also has a much better GPU still built on the same GCN design found in the Xbox One. I believe the clock speed is higher on both sides also. I'm sure the server won't be spending it's entire time focused on one Xbox. Each will handle many. I would bet a server with several APUs and a bunch of RAM could be set up to run a given map for MP or level for SP in a physics model that would then run scenarios received from a user. Since both would have the level loaded, the server just does the scenario and updates the results.

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Ares84HU1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )


Answer: Playstation Now

Guess you are too much of a Xbox fanboy to know about it. But please google it.


Nekroo911340d ago

Sony is the one doing cloud gaming.. MS is cloud computing.

What kind of fanboy are you when you dont even know this

Pricey1340d ago

KNWS why don't you get the difference between streaming a game( OnLive, PS Now, AMD) and offloading processing to a server. Playstation fans are skeptical about the later not the former.

It seems to me that KNWS knows f-all.

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Regis1340d ago

That is Battlefield 4

CertifiedGamer1340d ago

In what maps is there a helicopter that you fly? I think that BF2.

uth111340d ago

It's not the future until internet bandwidth is beefed up across the board. Still plenty of areas where internet is too slow to support game streaming properly

lokirevamped1339d ago

I agree, but some of us have fast enough internet, I have 150\65, Fios.